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  3. Good day! Sorry for asking but I was just curious about your build. We have the same aio and I was also planning on doing this mod. Did you get around finishing it? Did the z53 fit inside the case? Hoping to get a response from you. Thanks!
  4. Hi. do you mind sharing the acrylic cutting layout?
  5. Now i wait for small things....
  6. Hi Ann, will there be a World Series case mod for 2021 as I’m looking to enter my first ever custom case mod this year. Thanks
  7. My daughter is happy to have her 1st PC, she loves the Frozen movies so likes the style and politely asked if she could have the PC for her birthday, how could I refuse
  8. Crystal project completed. Thank you to all thats been following on social media and the forums and if anyone has any questions feel free to ask me on here or my other social pages @megadeblow Although this build is intended to be used with white lighting I have included some RGB shots
  9. The final build parts have been fitted, 3 more Masterfan MF120s for the bottom to replace the other 3 I tested with and the MWE 850 Gold V2 PSU from Cooler Master.
  10. Must say, I normally use Afterburner for overclocking but the software that comes with the Palit 3080 (ThunderMaster) is really nice, no bugs so far and makes changing the lighting and overclocking a breeze! The last of the Monocure3D clear resin prints, a very impressive Crystal logo for the top of the case. Here's ,me testing the lighting for the crystals and planning the layout for the wires.
  11. 've made cuts in the top of the case to make some air flaps, this will mean I don't have to remove the top for some extra airflow for the RAD, although it can be placed in a floating position around 10mm from the surface without any modding needed. This cover I've made will house the SSD and also help hide the PSU and wires, replacing the original cover that comes with the case.
  12. Thank you so much man! I will say though, quite a few people placed the same bet as you hahaha
  13. Sorry, maybe a little late, but better late than never. Congratulations to all winners at CMWS 2020. Thank you for being an extraordinary competitor for me. I can learn a lot of knowledge from you. See you again at the next CMWS GODSPEED
  14. Congrats on 1st place! I'd be rich if anyone had bet against me.
  15. my lanparty case, from 2k.. my lanparty case, from 2k3..
  16. The config of what I drive is not significant… The water cooling is from the middle of 199x. When there was no factory solution. So completely unique, every element. For the sake of not replacing it, it is efficient, it was designed for that 400W. There are not many wearing parts in it. I had to fix the blocks. The current state, even plan, I hate to draw, there will be plenty of modification. The picture also shows the design was not necessarily done on paper .. Which is a challenge, I don’t have too much space. 17x32 cm must be accessible, with water, everyt
  17. The monitor console is being prepared.
  18. The seat was put in place and the config was signed, which I will write about a little later.
  19. The frame structure is first. I designed small cabinets on the side, but that changed…
  20. Comfortable car seat at home. Don't take up a lot of space. No desk, so monitor, mouse, steering wheel interface required. It can fit the config. Low budget. No brand (then if they pay for it)
  21. https://youtu.be/H0E8crRU9bM Casemod LA PAPER HOUSE - All work done in 4 months of construction , summarized in this video 14:30. The theme of the project , is based on the Netflix series - La Casa de Papel 3° Temporada - Theft of gold from the bank of Spain. The theme is to use elements that takes place in the show. Red color cabinet - representing the clothing of hostages and robbers. Salvador Dali mask, symbol of the show. Miniature bank of Spain in 3d printing. Representing the
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