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  1. An immense thanks to Cooler Master Italy who also provided the rest of the peripherals for this project and especially for the mouse limited edition MM711 Golden Red.
  2. Here come the wonderful cables from Hardwire that I thank very much for the quality and patience !
  3. Even the fantastic processor has arrived. Thanks Intel !
  4. Production distro plate to be housed on the top of the cabinet to keep ordered and accurate even the tubes of the custom loop.
  5. Details. Representation of splendor.
  6. After assembling the hardware, we move on to mounting the custom loop.
  7. Even the logos of the magnificent brands that supported this project were made with gold paint inside the engravings to highlight them.
  8. The next step concerns the processing of the special and themed motherboard tray. Before being worked on laser cutting with various incisions and cuts, a leather with hieroglyphic effect was applied.
  9. This step concerns different processes such as frame realization with Egyptian theme, plexiglass supports of 20 mm for motherboard tray connection to the cabinet and finally finishing bracket connection waterblock cpu.
  10. When you have the ace up your sleeve.
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