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  1. Sorry for the late reply. We have been busy with Computex. We are not releasing the rankings and scores to the public. If you would like to know more about your own project please contact Cooler Master modding via the email you were provided during the competition.
  2. The winners of this year's Case Mod World Series have finally been announced. Tower Category 1st Place – VEGA by S.PiC (Russia) 818 Points 2nd Place – RAGE by Martin Muñoz (Colombia) 792 Points 3rd Place – The Old Book by MegaSkot (Serbia) 744 Points Scratch Category 1st Place – The Wheel Of Star by Modder Crow (Thailand) 775 Points 2nd Place – Codename J.A.C.K. by Krittanon (Thailand) 772 Points 3rd Place – Cyber Kitsune by Jaqueline “JACK” Abrao (Brazil) 766 Points 25th Anniversary Category MKTRX AMMO 315 by
  3. If you are getting an error message when submitting through the Mod@coolermaster.com.tw email then please resize your images or send a Wetransfer link instead
  4. Hi All, we are going through all the entries and once your entry has been processed you will receive the confirmation email. If your email has gone through then do not worry, you do not need to email in again to check yet. However, if you have not heard from us by the end of this week then you may email in to check the status.
  5. Hi Jeffrey, The thumbnail picture we will need to resize as a square, but the most important thing is that all your photos are the same size so when people browse the photos, the size isn't jumping from different dimensions. Although if it has to be it is also fine. As for the photos, we usually suggest submitting 5 photos from different angles of the mod, along with zoomed in shots, and the main one is usually the one showing most of the mod, front angled and showing the side. It will show similar to the way the gallery is here http://makerhub.coolermaster.com/modding-galle
  6. May 3, 2017 at 11:59 pm (GMT - 11) Time zone is GMT - 11, LA timezone is GMT - 7
  7. In case your question wasn't answered, yes you can use parts from an old project as long as you are doing a completely new project and not just continuing the original one. I deleted your thread because it should have been posted in the Q/A thread.

  8. Case Mod World Series 2017 registration is now closed. No new competitors will be accepted for this year's competition. Now we can actually get to the modding. Final submissions are now open. After you've finished your mod and your worklog you must complete the final submission form to be officially considered for prizes in this year's competition. You will be required to fill in all fields on the form and attach 5 photos of the completed mod. Failure to fully complete the form with accurate information will render your final submission incomplete. Make sure that all your identity
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