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  1. https://youtu.be/H0E8crRU9bM Casemod LA PAPER HOUSE - All work done in 4 months of construction , summarized in this video 14:30. The theme of the project , is based on the Netflix series - La Casa de Papel 3° Temporada - Theft of gold from the bank of Spain. The theme is to use elements that takes place in the show. Red color cabinet - representing the clothing of hostages and robbers. Salvador Dali mask, symbol of the show. Miniature bank of Spain in 3d printing. Representing the
  2. Casemod La Casa De Papel. - ( Part 1 ) Cooler Master COSMOS C700P BLACK EDITIONCOSMOS C700P BLACK EDITION https://youtu.be/6uxH8tOejOI
  3. Hello. I report the same problems. When the person will vote , and click so on the link of my Casemod, opens another project, and always the same project for everyone. Sometimes it changes to another, but never mine. Another problem, the person will vote for the first time, and pops up the message that the same IP has already been used, which has already made its vote, but happens ,even using Wifi , or Network, or whatever . Many reports of these problems.
  4. thank you friend. Your project was very spectacular.
  5. Some photos of the final project, I can then do some Upgrades.
  6. One of the Symbols of the Serie La Casa De Papel. Casemod La Casa De Papel Project. #cmws2020
  7. I painted these caps black and sanded their surface, and leaving the cava of the EK LOGO in black color
  8. Starting Casemod and Water Cooler Assembly Painting, watercooler connection Painting Red, from the parts of the Ram memories I used a red string, p make this finish in the cavas of fans. I had to reuse the WaterBlock EK ,vga 1070 from the previous project,I had to disassemble and clean well, before using. I did this customization in the EK Logo
  9. Continuing A short video showing the molds with the measurements and their acrylic pieces. https://youtu.be/3MF8PWVFO44
  10. Some of the acrylic parts, which I cut from and did all finish p assembly Internal .
  11. Casemod Thematic, in the theme LA PAPER HOUSE.I couldn't miss the Shots at Casemod.Representing the bullet holes, leaked directly into the Custon Water cooler reservoir.It took work, but result was satisfactory. Proud of the art I make.Made all handmade. Acrylics cut, and glued. and every finish. The pictures speak more than words.
  12. Customizing the parts where the COSMOS C700P BLACK EDITION's external LEDs are located. Top and bottom cover. Taking out the traditional white and customizing p smoke. Giving impression of is totally Black....
  13. Replica of the Bank of Spain, the third season of the Spanish series La Casa de Papel (Netflix series I want to thank you from the heart , 2 people , Roger Souza and Luiz Guilherme Tosi, That helped me a lot in having this 3D Print for my Project of Casemod La Casa De Papel. Thank you
  14. I did some retouches, in the -Mascara- Salvador Dali , symbol of the serial La Casa De Papel. The four masks I bought from different vendors came in worse than the other one.
  15. Adapting Monoblock Monoblock compativel just com to ASUS ROG Maximus IX Hero. Monoblock Model - MEK-FB ASUS M9H Monoblock - Nickel Adapted for Rog Strix B460-G Gaming Plate.
  16. Improvisation and adaptation . I used the Back Plate 1155 Asus Maximus Vii Formula. all cut and patched, glued, plastic dough and finish. To Adapt at Rog Strix B460-G Gaming.
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