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  1. Oh one most important thing which I forgot to mention that If anyone is searching the cooler master logo in this build as it was not shown directly in this build and also I forgot to mention it earlier so here it is...the front mesh blast off part actually is the resemblance of the cooler master logo outline...:)...As I have done that with hard metal mesh so it was really tough to make a perfect logo outline with the design I have done with the blowing effect
  2. Some more clicks..... Kind of Captain America, spiderman or you can say superman theme..... And this one as the Phantom theme....
  3. Some new color combination glam shots....of the case.......Full purple....Red And Blue...I habe made the color combination sytem in a way so that I can change the colors of my full case according to any event or any specialised themes color....
  4. Rkmodz


    loved it....such an amazing work indeed....:)
  5. And after setting up everything...here goes the final look of my Scratch Curvz Some glam shots Backside.... From the front...
  6. Final paintjob done and finished look of the paintjob...... Back side... Close up
  7. Finished the paintjob of usb port.....ssd...gpu...and attachement of power button...
  8. The paintjob has been started...and I just love this part...though it's smell weird while painting...2nd coating of the camo paintjob done... Getting ready for the 3rd and final color coating.... Here's the gpu backplates nesh part.... And the finished backplate....
  9. The rust securing coating has been done.....test assembly was done to see how it looks... Then the base coat for the paint job... Here's the mother board standoff attached permanantly with the case... Also the back part work is in progress with my modding name in it.... The r9 290x custom gpu backplate paint job... Base coat of the back side panel
  10. Now time to see the font panel part as it's been months to get the real rusty look of the metal mesh.... Made a blown out damage front for the front fan intake show off.... Here's the natural rust....I've coated with matte clear paint to make it stay safe with my other peripherals.... It's an open air case or you may say test bench also....so I have kept the things nice and open
  11. And solved the motherboard stand off issues like a charm.... Made acrylic standoffs....and they went out pretty well indeed.... Now it's time to make the fan grill battle damaged..... Which was already naturally damaged because I kept it for months after painting for natural rusty look Battle damaged look is done....
  12. Rkmodz


    Your picture's doesn't shows in the log...please recheck and re-upload them again
  13. I thought to make the motherboard standoff by adding more nuts in the screw but it really screwed me up...as the nut got stuck later I had to cut the screw to get it out....so it's a no no plan....:( Thank God my motherboard was unharmed...:)
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