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  1. It is DONE! https://gph.is/g/aKQOwWD
  2. Now, need to assemble all the parts. For top cover, I am using brownish wrapping paper (yarn type). This will give a little "old" looks of this project. The Inside. This LED Surely serve the purpose. Provides all the white light I need The Snowblind part seems good, smooth and steady. How to include videos in this post?
  3. Almost Finish. Just a few prints of the props. 3D Printed a few ghost using different Colors of Filament. 3D Printed too Pac-man Silhouette, as PSU Fan Cover. Ghost Silhouette for rear prop
  4. Bought an Ukulele Stand to place the main body of the project. It fits nicely. I've installed the components and placed them on the main board. Next step is to create the props. Props are made using black cupboard bought from stationary shop. Easy to use as it can be cut using scissor/hobby knife. Measured twice, cut once. Did all the measurement thoroughly and cut it along the way. Glue it together. and make it look like this (Below) This inspiration is coming from arcade machine. And it works to cov
  5. Need holes for the cables from power supply to the components. Using a hole saw for this job. it Fits perfectly for the cables to go through although got unnecessary scratch the draft looks so far. Before proceed further, the components need to be tested to ensure it can boot Before start painting the main sheet, I've printed a few stickers so that LED can be seen through these covered area. Painted the back side - white color
  6. My personal preference to have motherboard mount plate instead of directly mount the motherboard onto the main sheet. I am using 3mm acrylic sheet and cut it carefully by based on ITX board. I am using ASUS H110i-Plus + Intel G4400 for this project Using Dummy Motherboard for measurement purpose (Drill the mounting screws hole) Same goes to SSD. I am using OCZ SSD 128gb Draft Look. Looking g
  7. I am using Acrylic Sheet with ~3mm thickness for the main body. The PC components will be mounted on this sheet For this thickness of acrylic sheet, it is hard for me to cut it using knife. Bench saw all the way. Done with the re-shaping of the sheets. Before going further, need to re-estimate the placement of the component. I am using ITX motherboard for this project to minimize the size. Initial Plan is to use 2 SSD/HDD. but later reduced to 1 SSD to make it more spacer between component. Next
  8. Another CMWS, another Project! Happen to be, there are a lot of unused material. So, decided to do another project. ARGB Masterrace Project. Thanks Cooler Master for all the helps and Sponsors. Really Appreciate it. I have been working on this project for weeks now. The inspiration is coming from the famous arcade maze game from 1980; Pac-Man. One just cannot forget this legendary games. The progress of this project is quite fun and challenging. The materials used in this project are cheap and easy to get. The hardest part is to get ARGB LED which is quite har
  9. Looking good so far. Next step, is to work on the inside of the build. Previously, I did some wiring with Power Supply of the monitor. I did an attempt to directly connect the monitor's controller to PC's Power Supply. But end up not enough current going through the monitor. I am not an electrical expert, so I am not intending to try it again with other monitor. Therefore, for the next monitor which I sacrifice to do this project, I am using the power supply from the Monitor, and placed it in the build. And it works like a charm. Not the best way, but it works
  10. Draft look. Scratch here and there Proceed to work on the landscape. As I am looking for 'Old Town" vibe, I 3D Printed an old looking structure from Thingiverse.com. I am using White Filament and not intend to paint it as I need as much White color at the inside, so the image from snowblind effect could be much clearer. 7 Hours ++ Printing Keep it Coming. 10 hours ++ of Printing More and More. Electric bills gonna spike up this month Draft Look. Temporary stick it together with masking tape
  11. To make a snow blind effect, of course you need a monitor. Actually, i have sacrificed 3 monitors before succeeded to get the best result. But the experience is worth it. Haha. I chose 19 inch LCD Monitor. An old one. In case of damaged, not much to lose. And be careful, as the glass is really fragile. Bought this broken 19 inch Dell Monitor (Has blinking issue). but doesn't matter. I do not need the back light anyway. Disassembly process... Quite challenging. Just remember, if something stuck, don't force it, coz it might have screw on it. Otherwise you
  12. I need the Power Supply to be more appear-able. So. I did a quick design of the mount for Power Supply, and 3D printed it. Came out not so great as there were gaps here and there. But It's okay, still strong to support the power supply A strong Wall is required to support the upper loads. I am using a Ice Cream stick to get a historic wall vibe. A simple process. I used a double sided tape to make it simpler. These are for side walls. the front and rear walls, I just used a plain board
  13. *** Some parts of the mods are from my previous project. Let's start with the base of the project. I am using a Medium Density Board. Cut it to desire measurement. This board doesn't produce chips upon cutting or drilling. This is the initial plan for the placement of the motherboard and Power Supply. I am using 2x L Bracket to support the motherboard. The Mobo plate is made from thin board. And covered with Carbon Fiber Sticker. The mounting screws are manually measured and drilled. I am using thin board as it mak
  14. Alooo~ I'm Hirzan "Chopperinoz" from Malaysia. A small Modder from Kuala Lumpur. Since I started in 2018, my interest on modding theme is towards more to nature and non-robotic looks. And this year, I am planning to utilize snowblind technique. This thing has been around for years, and this time around I am planning to use it, to create a scenery of Zombie (With Sounds) in a snowy old town environment. Not sure where did this inspiration came from, but I am really into a scenic environment. I loves to play around with recycle stuff and cheap material. I would
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