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  1. When all the pieces were ready, I put them together.
  2. I cut the numeric keypad out of the phone. The base for the buttons and the screen I made from a board from an old computer. The output to the screen is provided by the arduino mega The control module is ready
  3. In the upper part of the case, I cut out the holes of the fan and fasteners. Created and printed a large sticker for this project I put a sticker on the top cover On the back side of the base - also a sticker
  4. It's time to paint the metal part of the case. After the paint dries, I put the power supply board in its place and check the performance of the unit. And I put the rest of the components together.
  5. From the metal base and the case of the power supply, I cut off the excess and combined them. Added an aluminum corner for attaching the top cover. I cut out a piece of aluminum composite and marked it up for milling. After milling, the sheet looked like this I removed the excess parts and fastened them from the inside with the help of corners.
  6. I used a part of the old case as a base other parts
  7. Hi, everybody! My name is Pavel, I'm from Russia This year I conceived a case based on the CS:GO game. namely the in the form of the famous C4 bomb. Hardware: Asus H11oM-R Intel Pentium G4400 Patriot Viper 4 Elite GeForce 1030 CoolerMaster I70C PSU FSP SSD Crucial BX500
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