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  1. Components EL light guide plate, used to present the feeling of the product name at the bottom. Micro putter, link scanner base. Anti-scalding cloth, which will be used to wrap copper pipes. Added a control box to place the PCB board, integrate the small parts and include the VDF cold light display. Power shield.
  2. Component The touch switch and LCD screen base are completed! The upper cover part of the repair table is completed. I want to have a hierarchical concept so I used 5mm, 8mm, 10mm acrylic.
  3. Deconstruction table Perform detailed 3D drawing, which will include CNC, lathe, and laser cutting processing. The design progress is roughly 95% completed. The ring scanner will have infrared function, and the machine will move laterally when turned on and off!
  4. Spray paint This modification involves a lot of spraying operations. Mantis Blades primer is completed, start detail processing, masking spray. Parts of the repair stand start painting. After the rusty inner layer is finished, sprinkle salt and add water! Bottom old effect treatment
  5. Spray paint Metal electroplating paint spraying, restore metal texture, then spray the pearl white finish of the metal exoskeleton, and you can start the aging effect after finishing. The bracket part is sprayed with metallic iron gray.
  6. Test assembly Test the combination of some finished metal aluminum parts with the chassis. The ratio is a bit huge hahaha.....
  7. Metal aluminum processing Some metal processing is completed, and the four tripods look very imposing hahaha... I especially found pure copper screws that fit the style.
  8. EL light board VFD display module is programmed, display number 2077 12 10.
  9. Deconstruction table Perform detailed 3D drawing, which will include CNC, lathe, and laser cutting processing. The design progress is roughly 80% completed, the concept of repairing and deconstructing Mantis Blades is getting closer!
  10. Distribution plates top cover The upper cover uses 10mm acrylic processing, and the surrounding corners are processed. Manual tapping. Bracket cover
  11. Spray paint After the sanding is completed, the second primer is sprayed. Then you can spray the metal plating primer. I am accustomed to stacking the old effects from the inside to the outside to show make real. Sanding filling primerx2, metal electroplating primer (reducing the bottom layer of the metal exoskeleton), peeling effect paint, metallic white finish paint, scratched aging, acrylic paint aging treatment, transparent protective paint.
  12. Spray paint First coat of primer spraying. After spraying, continue to fill the soil and then spray the second primer after polishing. Btw, because there is no time to finish the spray booth!!! So only simple homework hahaha....
  13. Test assembly Polishing took five days to complete it. Because of the structural bearing problem this time, a hot melt nut was used to strengthen the fixing method. After testing that there is no problem with the assembly, start the next step and spray the primer.
  14. Mantis Blades The restarted 3D printed part is complete! Began to polish it like crazy.... #240~#600 sandpaper, after finishing, you can spray primer. 1:1 size. Part of the hand approximately 600mm. The part of Mantis Blades is approximately 770mm.
  15. Deconstruction table Use 20mm thick acrylic, 850mm X 500mm size as the deconstruction table. Repair countertops will include integrated distribution plates. The construction part needs double-sided processing, and the D5 pump is below.
  16. Deconstruction table Perform detailed 3D drawing, which will include CNC, lathe, and laser cutting processing. Check the concept of the countertop design, Will combine with Mantis Blades.
  17. 3D printing 3D printing and re-drawing is completed, a total of 32 parts are divided and printed. Print with SLA It takes about 12 days to complete it. 1:1 ratio presentation Mantis Blade 770mm Arm connection palm 600mm.
  18. Deconstruction table Perform detailed 3D drawing, which will include CNC, lathe, and laser cutting processing. Repair countertops will include integrated distribution plates. The material will be 75mm, 40mm aluminum pillar, 10mm, 20mm, 30mm aluminum plate and 20mm acrylic.
  19. Components I am looking forward to combining these parts together! Military aviation connector for cables. VFD display module. LCD. EL light strip. Inductive switch.
  20. Modify 3D drawing file Because the game is not yet on the market, the information is very limited! After the previous file was printed, it was found that there were some problems with the structure, so the new version has been revised, and the part that contains 3D printing needs to be restarted!!! The original metal exoskeleton is a separate part, modified into one body, and then displayed with lines.
  21. Hardware AORUS Z490 XTREME AORUS GeForce RTX 3080 MASTER 10G AORUS P850W 80+ GOLD Modular AORUS RGB Memory 3200MHz GIGABYTE NVMe SSD 1TB COOLER MASTER MASTERFAN SF120M COOLER MASTER ATX 24 Pin 90° Adapter Standard GL ALPHACOOLEiszapfen Laser Fitting With 4pin Molex Wate
  22. Polishing The beginning of a test of endurance , use 600 and 800 grit sandpaper for polishing. Since the parts are small and there are many curved surfaces, the thickness is only 1~2mm, so it takes more time and energy to process.
  23. Component After the printing is completed, it needs to be cleaned before UV irradiation and exposure.
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