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  1. 3D printing Ultrasonic cleaning. UV lamp irradiation.
  2. 3D printing This time there are about 90 3D printed parts, contains FDM and DLP. Make skin mold for clay sculpture.
  3. 3D model Divided into two parts. The first part is a sketch of the base of the repair table. The second part is the appearance of Mantis Blades. I removed the external skin and changed it to the concept of a metal exoskeleton. Draft computer drawing. 3D modeling.
  4. Hello everyone, I am AK from Taiwan and this is my 3rd year participating in Case Mod World Series. I participated in Tower Mods for 2 years in a row, and I honored to have won in 2019. This will be my first time to sign up for Scratch Builds. I will try my best to do my best and complete the mod as always. The theme is Cyberpunk 2077-Deconstruction and will focus on the most eye-catching Mantis Blades in the repair and deconstruction game! Specs: INTEL I9-10900K AORUS Z490 XTREME AORUS GeForce RTX 3080 MASTER AORUS
  5. Metal processing parts arrive, test build. Spray paint. UV printing accessories. ageing work. Leather treatment. ageing work. Accessories, I let it work! Iron net make. Fan coverAcrylic bending.Aluminum metal paste and antique job GPU home!
  6. Surprise. Some accessories. CNC. This circle is very big! Some details. Making screens, molds CNC. Vacuum forming, monitor cover.Acrylic 1mm
  7. Rusty effect coating. Metal effect primer. Aluminum paint. Corrosion effect. Surface metal effect corrosion. Rusty effect.
  8. Time display accessory. CNC Curved surface. Black spray paint. Laser cutting font. Detail.
  9. Preparation before polishing. Epoxy repai. Start grinding, It took about 100 hours to repair and polish. Trial assembly. Bottom painting. Prepare chipping rusty effect processing.
  10. 3D printing continues to work, each component takes about 15~23 hour.
  11. Create 3D printed image draft.
  12. - Share it - Hello everyone,It was my first time using 3D printing to make key elements of the Pip-Boy mod. Each of the 20 3D components took between 15 to 23 hours to print, plus the long time it takes to smooth out the prints using epoxy resin. Polishing required an additional two weeks, the painting took several layers, then finishing off with an oxidized metal finish to create a special ageing effect. I had to be incredibly patient. I also created the accessories with iron netting, leather and vacuumed light bulbs, which I custom-made, which took a further week or s
  13. AKMod


    #CMWS19Finals The Minimalistic project has been completed! Overall, I maintained the concept of hardware integrity, clean and simple design. Although the project looks simple, all the details and the process took a lot of effort, not only time but patience! I used a combination of wood, metal, leather and matte black paint elements together to highlight its different features. I tried to use some new creative ideas. For example, it was a big challenge for me to do the walnut water tank. Through this Case Mod World Series 2019 competition, I hope more people ca
  14. AKMod


    Etching Final detail, after the copper plate is etched, the franc paint is colored, black and purple.
  15. AKMod


    Ready Photos and videos are in preparation.
  16. AKMod


    Light box I pay attention to some details so I make a small light box that can block some light sources.
  17. AKMod


    leather Leather sewing is finished, laser engraving Minimalistic words, I finally decided not to dye, I want to make the real effect of the long time and the old effect appear, so apply leather oil after a few days of sun exposure.
  18. AKMod


    Some hardware Cooler Master MASTERFAN SF120M
  19. AKMod


    Cable Ince the cable comb is a closed hole, so I need a custom cable to complete it. Includes USB, AC, 4PIN, ARGB cable, etc... Prepare to inject water and cold liquid.
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