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  1. Mini update, I've been working on some CAD for the info display, an update on that in the new year. Unfortunetly the 3D printer is mis-behaving, once I've got that sorted I'm excited to start printing some parts. New 970 EVO turned up yesterday. Fitted it with an AquaComputer kryoM2 to hopefully keep it cool. Almost like someone measured it Have a great Christmas :thumb:
  2. And by that time it was AtomLAN. I set it up 2 nights before to do updates and make sure it was ready for LAN. Got to AtomLAN safely for it's first outing The LAN was great. A good friend of mine and co-founder of AtomLAN, Jimbo, has a very decent DSLR and offered to take some pictures. This represents pretty much where I have got to with the build. I do have a few other bits planned, for example a 3D printed base for the flow meter, and a desk in
  3. Hi all, I'm not sure if this quite a build log, but I wanted to share my progress with my latest build. I know I like my context when sharing a build, so I'll do my best to not go waffling on. This has been going since Oct 2017 when I decided, after much thinking, that I wanted to build a smaller PC. At the time I had been involved with strike action at work, so money was a bit tight. I couldnt afford to build a entriely new rig, so made the decision to re-house my current setup and bought a Mastercase Pro 3 to see if I could make it work. I started a new job shor
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