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  1. Acrylic Works I haven't decided on what case I'm going to build in to but better start working with the fixed design rather than wasting time in sketch and planning. Paint Testing Because of lockdown so I can't come and choose paint color that I want in the paintshop so I bought them online and test it in the spare gears that I cut last year and see if the color will be the exact color that I want before actually painting the one used in this mod. I was looking for the lighter color than the one I used before (right one) but it ended up with even darker c
  2. Hi! My name is Fadlil or known as Prototoxin. I was fortunate enough to be one of last year Apprentice League winner and I'm going to try to compete again in this year with my new project named Zafkiel. I'm going to base my theme from another anime just like my Future Gadget XX that is based on Steins;Gate series time machine. As for this year I'm basing the mod to Date a Live series with Zafkiel name came from the time manipulating angel from one of the character in the series that named Tokisaki Kurumi. The rough sketch of what I'm going to create will be like the picture I
  3. FUTURE GADGET XX READY FOR TIME TRAVEL Here is the final photo of the mods. I decided to not turn the rgb on the fans and gpu on because the paint on the fans looks good already. The cable management behind.
  4. CHANGE OF PLAN I'm doing color change in some part here: Radiator I change the radiator color to gunmetal because this is going to match the color on the motherboard. Waterblock I'm doing the same to the AM4 bracket and the screw since nickel is not matching that well here. WEATHERING EFFECT Here is the final photo of the part that I paint with weathered effect: MF120R I paint the fans frame with silver color and make them look dirty but still allow the fan's RGB led to shine through. MF200R I
  5. CUTTING ACRYLIC GEAR In this step I'm going to show what I do to the gears that going to be used as decorative purpose and these gears is made of acrylic: Planning I'm plannnng the gear position before painting and add another minor detail. Repaint I mix between gunmetal and copper for the paint and add some rust detail in the damaged part of the gear. Final Result This is how the final look om planning to cut more gears and attach them together. REPAINTING THE MAIN STRUCTURE In this step I'm going to show wha
  6. "You can use either DIY liquid cooling, AIO or air coolers for your entry. Any AIO or air coolers used must be a Cooler Master cooler." is written in the rule and here I'm neither using AIO nor air cooler.
  7. CORE COMPONENT SELECTION Motherboard I'm choosing the ASRock X470 Taichi because the gear on the chipset cover match the clockwork theme. RAM As for the RAM I changed my mind and get 4 stick of Dominator Platinum RGB because of the stealth looks on the heatsink better than White Vengeance RGB Pro. REPAINTING THE WATER COOLING PART Waterblock I'm using EK Supremacy Evo Full Nickel with AM4 Upgrade Kit and decided to repaint the waterblock with copper paint and did a little bit black overspray so it looks like dirty then I add a thin layer of li
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