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  1. Reassembling Reassembling without distro plate. I encountered lot of problem that put me late but i'm coming to the end... The french version of my worklog is available here.
  2. Painting last part HDD rack. 200mm original fan of case. Right side panel.
  3. Bykski's parts DDR4 Waterblock and radiators. The RGB flow indicator. The rgb CPU waterblock .
  4. DDR4 The 64Go of DDR4 are arrived ! 8 x 8 Go Patriot viper steel 4133MHz !
  5. PCIe SSD ROG RAIDR Watercooled The SSD totally disassembled : The passive radiator recycled in backplate for the sandforce dual controller before/after milling ,sanding and threading. The top machined in 12 mm thick polycarbonate : Cutting the thermal pad and adding swiftech thermal paste: The waterblock assembly with viton 2mm o-ring : I have mounted the original grill from below of the upper face : Finishing the top of the southbridge waterblock I have just recover the surfa
  6. Painting part 2 The iron latches of the sides panels : The sides trims and top panel : The 120 and 360 mm radiators : The motherboard armor :
  7. Painting the case frame I have entrust the case frame at one coach builder for painting it in white. A friend brazed the new bolts for the bars ( the originals was removed before, u can see it in a previous post), big thanks at him.
  8. 360 mm : 480 mm :
  9. The fan grills Probably the most difficult parts of my build. Several dozen hours was required for design these grills and making compatibility with machining and material. The toolpath programming was very hard due to the complexity of the design and the small space between the surfaces. I need also to shorten as much as possible the machining time for 360 and 480 mm grill. Finally after lot of problems with the machine the parts are machined. Approximately 2 hours was necessary for the 120 mm. For the 360 and 480 mm the machining time was very expansive with respectively 7 and 9 hours b
  10. Cables combs They are machined with 1mm end mill in 4mm polycarbonate.
  11. The sleeving cables are arrived : Starting painting
  12. The front of the case After sandblasting : Disassembling the 230 mm fan before painting
  13. Hi, due to lot of problems and breakdowns with the milling machine the project almost avorted because i was scared to don't finish before the end of the contest. Finally the deadline will be short but i am very motivated ! Cutting the front panel for ROG logo The sketch have little internal corner and radius so i have cut this with a water-jet machine. The water-jet cut with a presure of 4115 bar and the diameter of the jet is 0.1mm. Milling parts The top ek waterblock for southbridge was polished with saphir end mill. Saphir e
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