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  1. Then I filled it with solid orange coolant and set all the lighting (looks better in person) sorry for the crappy phone pics. Just need to finish up the cable management and take final photos but the project is complete. Thank you to everyone that followed my work log, and sorry for the lack of updates as I had been really busy with other projects.
  2. Then I started on the front panel getting everything assembled.
  3. Then I thought about how I want to do the loop. Since I was unable to use the c700 distro I decided to use the bitspower cuboid reservoir I had. Honestly I really love the look it has inside this case, it fit perfectly. For the loop I wanted to try something different and do a parallel loop but using black tubing with only have the gpu to cpu tubes clear. The tubes are not painted, all tubes are acrylic tubing from bitspower which offers many colors. After getting the loop together I leak tested it for 30 minutes without any leaks
  4. I then wrapped some parts in carbon fiber.
  5. So I had issues with a project that had a prior deadline to this build and didn’t have much time to do everything to this build that I wanted. Then after receiving all the parts I realized the distro I wanted to use for this build was unavailable due to stock, so I had to think quickly and change up the interior design completely. Decided to mount the hardware in the normal position.
  6. Man this is turning out so good! Excited to see those sabers in action
  7. Yeah I want it at an angle but how I had it mounted was just temporary, need to find a better solution
  8. Looks awesome bro!! I need to find a better way to mount my mobo tray now
  9. Always exciting to see your work bro! Looking awesome as always!
  10. Was able to get most the painting finished this weekend, still a lot to do and still waiting for parts but satisfied with how it’s coming along.
  11. Finally had time to get some painting done today. The printed parts are actually for both this build and a separate build. I was able to get all the printed parts sprayed with automotive clear first which helps fill in the layer lines instead of trying to sand each individual part. I will hopefully be able to get them painted tomorrow. The panels turned out exactly how I wanted, will add some damage effects tomorrow and get them cleared. Also I decided not to cut the front panel and just leave it solid. That’s it for today, back at it tomorrow
  12. Thanks bro! But it’s still nothing compared to the beauty you’re building
  13. So I told myself I I didn’t want to do anything crazy for this build as I am pushed for time with 2 other projects but the more I am messing with this case the more possibilities I find. I started working on the inside of the case. While only being able to use photos for reference it make it’s a little more difficult. The bottom part is actually going to be the water distribution block from bitspower and I really likes the angles so I designed a panel to match it on the top then I started thinking what if the motherboard had the same angle. With this case being completely modular it wasn’t har
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