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  1. Thank you so much, Mike. Honestly, many mods I’ve seen in his contest would deserve to win...but I really appreciate your comment: it was really hard to make all this systems work together. Even if my mod would not win the contest, maybe I would still earn some money from selling the wonderful and infinitely collection of Arduino boards and linear actuators tested before finding the right ones for this project .
  2. tdx79


    This is just the best ever mod... simply an artwork.
  3. Youtube video has an issue with 4K and logo, so I decided to share Vimeo file instead.
  4. Benchmark tests: Prime95 for cpu and 3DMark at 5120x2160 resolution for gpus.
  5. Project Aquarium completed and submitted for #CMWS19FINALS. Crossed fingers for my build Cheers
  6. Project Aquarium is finally finished. It took so many months learning how to apply robotics to this case and to an already complete water cooling system. From first day I received the C700M, I refused to remove its beautiful front door to get few important degrees down on an extremely overclocked machine (CPU running around 5 GHz, 2x 2080TI GPU and a 5K2K monitor). SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS: LG 5K2K hdr monitor Cooler Master C700m I9-9900K CPU GigaByte Aorus Z390 Xtreme Waterforce Samsung SSD NVMe M.2 1TB drives Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB ram Razer Huntsman keyboard
  7. LAST WORKLOG 09/10/2019 Installed led stripes on new frame, and also installed a brand new farbwerk 360. I made a stencil of Case Mod logo and applied on plexiglass, behind that 6x rgbpx stripes. Configured front panel lcd, and tomorrow (finally) I will make final pics and video.
  8. WORKLOG 07/08/2019 I didn’t like at all the doors with teeth...went for new ones straight...made of thick plexiglass fume (same used for fans cover). Made a loop test looking for any leak, everything seems to be ok. Tomorrow (in few hours I mean) I will install all led stripes, covers...clean it and get it ready for final pics and video...
  9. WORKLOG 04/10/2019 Received new top mesh cover, new mod version (frame for opening doors is now more slim, without holes in the inner border). Also prepared 2x front door covers for cut: they will become doors connected to top motors, automatically opening and closing % based on water loop delta temperature and / or cpu loop fans speed.
  10. WORKLOG 02/09/2019 Replaced front panel fan grill with a custom made fan panel:
  11. WORKLOG 01/09/2019 Installed lcd screen, controller and data cable on front door. .
  12. WORKLOG 30/09/2019 I made cables for touch buttons for opening front and top doors, and that will be connected to the motor control units. Second step: front door drilling for the SPI2USB interface, board responsible for driving the Matrix Orbital lcd display (for showing system info). Third and most complicated step: cutting the front door for lcd placement...
  13. WORKLOG 29/09/2019 I made some changes to the loops, allowing more space available for led frames (left and bottom).
  14. WORKLOG 27/09/2019 Cablemod led strips are great with their magnets, but I'd like to get a better light orientation...for example a 45 degrees, especially for the UV light to better "illuminate" the uv coolant flowing inside loop. So I got up with an idea: making a frame with a 45 degrees orientation for strips, and meantime using same fume Plexiglas for a better filters placement.
  15. WORKLOG 26/09/2019 continues Front panel and front door installed
  16. WORKLOG 26/09/2019 New front panel mod revision for aluminum hinges. Modified hinges for the small space between front panel and front door:
  17. WORKLOG 24/09/2019 Top panel drilled for new aluminum hinges: Received Matrix Orbital EVE2 display, which will be embedded in the front panel:
  18. WORKLOG 23/09/2019 Top cover modification continues with Dremel...
  19. WORKLOG 22/09/2019 Top cover modification started. The frame will be made by the original top plate, while the opening doors should be made of the front panel alu plates (I got 2x extra front covers).
  20. WORKLOG 21/09/2019 Installed right side panel with double tempered glass.
  21. WORKLOG 19/09/2019 Ok, I'm obsessed with making order... now it's time to better place reservoirs, pumps and flow sensors.
  22. WORKLOG 18/09/2019 Time to make some order inside the case, especially for cables and aquacomputer components.
  23. WORKLOG 14/09/2019 Motor control units revision based on Crumbuino board done (for cpu loop and cpu loop).
  24. WORKLOG 13/09/2019 Time to cut retention clips from front panel (installed plastic hinges also on that): Motor placement for the front panel door: Front door installed and ready to be connected with motor:
  25. WORKLOG 10/09/2019 New motor controller unit revision based on Crumbuino Mega with built-in RS485 chip, compatible with the new RS-485 motors installed on top and front panel. This new MCU revision got touch sensor for manually opening front and top doors, and also led mini display to get motor feedback (position, temperature, alarm error). In case of a negative feedback from motor (wrong position, high temperature, etc) the MCU will stop generating the rpm signal. At this point, the Aquasuite Quadro fan controller will not get the rpm and generate and alarm.
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