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  1. My Project RGBlack is now Complete i dont Sleep for a whole night just to finish it. Deadline is coming so i need to Double time The Rear Pannel Mod Which are the Grills have a Problem in mounting because the lower part of the mounting have already occupied by PSU Bracket. This is charge to my experience for the future project I Learn a lot and explore many things in this project all of the experience will be put together to the future project to Make my Modding skill better this was a Happy Event for me despite of the Current Situation all of my Parts Used in this pro
  2. Huge thanks for the sponsors AITC for the RAM and PhiDisk Malaysia for SSD's
  3. Painting the Fittings with mettalic gray i prefer mettalic gray to match with chrome tubes
  4. Sanding before Painting with Mettalic black for chassis and mettalic gray for pannels Some of photos taken was accidentally deleted
  5. Making The PassThrough for watercooling
  6. Wraping the MotherBoard tray with a 6D Carbon Fiber Vinyl
  7. Making MotherBoard Tray Mount and Threading For StandOffs
  8. Making Top Pannel Grill also putting CarbonFiber Vinyls to make the Grills Noticeable Coz if i leave it As Black it will look Boring so i made a different style of Grills
  9. Time For Sanding to Remove UnWanted Lines from Laser Cutting. i manually Sand the 120+ Pcs of Grills this is the most time consuming in my project design
  10. Making a Layout using CorelDraw for LaserCutting the Grills , Grills Mount , MoBo Tray , PSU Shroud , etc
  11. Step 1: Making a 3D Design of my CMWS2020 Entry Using Sketchup and Vray for Rendering. My Concept are Combination of CarbonFiber Vinyl , CamoFlauge Vinyl , Mettalic Black , BlackGray Mettalic with a touch of RGB in major Components i named it RGBlack because majority of the color are Black and the lightings will be RGB. i also making Grills made of 6mm Acrylic with a Combination of CarbonFiber Vinyl and Mettalic Black in the Front,Top,Rear Pannel of my Case. for this Project i will be using a CoolerMaster Case Pro 3. the case are old but the Structure of the case are amazing because of its Mod
  12. Hi, I am Renzo Paras (20Yrs Old) of RenzMods from the Philippines this is my First Time to Participate in Cooler Master World Series. i Join to Gain Experience and Learn more in CaseModding also to See the Work/Art of other participants across the Globe.
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