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  1. Updating a few things today. For one I am finally adding my MasterFans One of a total of 3 that will go on the system to help move air around and on the build. This will help keep the overall humidity the same as the room and keep that salty air away from the PC and loop. The tank is on the wall to the right of this emperor gaming chair. A lot still to do but we are starting to get things done.
  2. I have a 2080 super in for a place holder for now. The system is pre done to fit a 3080 with a water block and is why you see the pass through about the video card.
  3. Update on my build. Loop is working well just waiting for my MasterFans to help keep moist air away from the components. Still a lot more to do but this gives a good idea of the overall look.
  4. Hey all! This is one of the first times I have mixed both of my hobbies together and I am having quite a lot of fun doing it! I am new to the PC modding world but not new to custom building stuff. Google Elder1945 and you can see some of my work. So here we go! These are the sponsors of the build.... Nothing from the PC world but they are all big in the Aquarium world. The overall concept is to have a large reef aquarium mounted above a water cooled PC. The catch would be the cooling loop will pass through the "su
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