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  1. There was a lot of work in the last few days, but finally I'm done ... To cool the CPU and the GPU, I choose an Alphacool Eisbaer Aurora. This is the first time I've been using this pump / block combo. And after installing it on my board I realized that this is a bit close to the GPU ... It was difficult, but I was able to bend a tube to connect the pump to the block. You can see the bended tubes in the next few pictures. All the bends are done, all the lights are installed and tested and I had a lot of trouble putting it i
  2. Hello Community I finished my custom keyboard from looks to software and is ready to mount. To compare before and after the keycaps should also look a bit used And the final product. I also finished painting the Terminal. For the the front, I am using a sponge and one component putty so i imitate the structure like the original. More updates tomorrow ...
  3. I started to mod my GPU, first mounting the new frame for the Block. Then I designed a hybrid cooling system so that a fan is attached to the back of the GPU that pulls air forward through a few tubes. After sanding, glueing and bending the tubes i started to paint... The color theme should be like the Fusion Core you know from the game, if not this is one And this is my GPU I also added some LEDs to let it shine... and some red color accents are missing but this is my final de
  4. It's update time Finally the last parts were also painted... And the used look is done too, with black paint and an old shirt and I like the way it looks. What do you think hot or not ? Tomorrow I will add better pictures, my old phone has died so unfortunately some photos have been deleted... I also printed the base for the glass bottle 3d and stuck the label on the bottle and glued the connector. In addition, the LED is soldered to add some special effects... On my
  5. Hello community, first of all, I wish you all a Merry Christmas! There is a big update as I finally take the time to keep writing. It's been a bit quiet here lately but that doesn't mean I haven't done anything ... xD Unfortunately, Covid-19 does not make my life easy for me I was in domestic isolation for 20 days, South Tyrol was also the red zone and there were curfews, so I was not allowed to leave my village, which means that nothing went ahead with the paint job because my buddy doesn't live in the same village. Well it doesn't matter then everything else wa
  6. Good evening Some sponsors join the party Cherry send some goodies to me I choose the Cherry MX blue because the acoustics sound like the original out of the game. Cherry also sent me a switch tester so it was possible to compare the switches. I'm not using RGB because I have not seen already a terminal with an RGB keyboard in Fallout. xD Noctua sends me 4 Chromax black low profile for this I would like to thank you very much!! And that's wh
  7. Hi the time is my biggest problem at the moment. I was quarantined at home for 21 days (I wasn't even allowed to buy food because my girlfriend tested positive) and our region was also marked as a red zone, which meant that I was only allowed to work and go back home. Unfortunately, I'm now behind schedule with my project, but that shouldn't stop me from completing it by the current deadline, even over the holidays, As many of you wrote above, this is a competition, and in my opinion the deadline should not be postponed even if I am not sure whether I will really make it to the
  8. Good morning from Italy Today i will show you the next special thing of the project the water tank. It is a glass bottle in Nuka-Cola style. I pre-drilled the hole with a diamond drill and to get the diameter of the tube, the hole was ground larger with a diamond grindstone. Now the tube for the fitting and the label must be glued, then the tank should be ready Next thing on my to-do list is a lot of prep, like sinking the screws into the aluminum ... Another point is preparin
  9. Sorry, my mistake, I didn't notice that instead of the images, only the links could be seen, it was a bit late and i didn't checked the work log anymore
  10. Thx mate Update Some new stuff for the Project It took awhile to find a 1080p-Display that fits but after a Long time i found this beauty here Sorry for the dust, but the acrylic is a bit sensitive to dust and my fingers... xD I bougt it on Amazon, actually is this a Display for the Raspi but after removeing some stuff that i don´t need, it was realy good quallity if some one needs a Display for home Automation or the Raspi then I can only receive it. After a test with a Youtube Video with Resol
  11. I can finally show you the aluminum frame! I cleaned and assembled it to make sure that all the parts fit together. Now the new version of the terminal differs a little from the one made of wood, so that some parts had to be milled twice. In the pictures below you can see the difference between the wood concept and the final aluminum frame. There was a problem with the side wall as I didn't know how to fix it but then I came up with a very simple solution. With this mechanism
  12. Hi folks It was a Long way for a simple base but it is finished now and it can go to laser cut and bend all parts... xD In detail you can see the Vault-Tec logo it should be illuminated by some LED... not so special... The eye catcher are on the Right side you know the two white boxes before? Some Nixie tubes should later show the number 76. At the Moment they are not tested yet it was no time for it but its on my to do list for next week... I'm curious how they look and whether it fits into th
  13. The first steps with the printer was.... how can i say… terrible is the right word for it, but after reading a lot about 3d printing i find my way and now i can show you the first parts. I chose the biggest parts for testing the printer but for the first time, not so bad xD One problem what i have is the "wraping", the prints do not stuck on the printer bed, The problem is that the bed is to cold so the parts start to wrap. To solve the problem i have to heat up the bed a little bit more and so i hope they stuck better on it. ...
  14. Hi folks, this is my first time building a scratch build so let's start... I am a huge fan of Fallout. I like that post-apocalyptic atmosphere in the game, so I decided to create something from the game. But what should it be? Then during a fallout session i saw it, a Terminal-PC with some nice hardware and custom water cooling in it. The Project The Terminal it self is made out of wood, aluminum and a bunch of 3D printed parts. The template i found was a 2D model and i decide to create it in 3D to see how it looks. After a long nigh
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