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  1. I tried 20mm and 25mm, thos heights displace PSU holder a little to front and cables from PSU became to close to front glass window. So, I selected height only 15mm.
  2. Hello Anthony Padula, thank you for your reply. Here is the answers: 1. This is cutted metal pci slot caps from old pc case. I used them becouse it was the easest way to fix AiO in this place. (See more detailed images). Without this - AiO's position is unstable. With use of this metal thing - AiO is strongly fixed. 2. Not sure - I undestand question. I try to answer. I fixed raditor by pci slot caps from one side and by two screws from other. And also radiator is fixed by two screws from fans on the glass side. For me it was enough - radiator is completly moveless. 3. No, not
  3. Hello Xing, thank you for your reply. 3mm difference is insignificant. There is some space between PSU and fans and is exactly 3mm. You can always move parts to find comfort position to compensate this 3mm.
  4. Hi Kyle. As I wrote in my initial post - I completely destroyed case in my first attempt. Tryed to move motherboard 2cm down. But it is impossible without special tools. After this I bought new one case and desided make more calculation and not to do any havy modification. Make modification only if found simple solution. So I found this solution - it looks simple for me. The only difficult thing in it was calculate exact PSU position and cut a bit of metal from metal PSU holder. About fans height 25mm -> 15mm. Yes this is a good idea. Just take in mind Static Pressur
  5. Hi Kyle. Thank you for your question. Yes this was difficult question for me too - how to place PSU here. I used PSU size SFX. Is only size we can use for this modification. Not SFX-L. SFX size PSU in current PSU holder has space around = 6-7mm on each side. This space is enough for comfort air enter. I selected side to front panel becouse this way the air is cooler in comparison with side to GPU. The GPU area is like a hot room with a hot air circulation. The side to front panel is screened with two cold metal panels - internal holder panel and outer panel. When the air pass through
  6. Hi Kyle, Yes back fan by default rub case parts. I used little rubber circles for displace fan and compensate vibration.
  7. Hello. Ryzen 9 5900X just arrived. Here is little update of my build. Changes 1: Ryzen 9 3900X -> Ryzen 9 5900X; Changes 2: CPU overclock +13% (4.3GHz) -> CPU overclock +21% (4.5GHz); Changes 3: Back fan BeQuite 92x92x25 -> ID-COOLING 92x92x15 just for design reasons; I attach photos with new CPU and changed fan and a few photos of details for clearify my previous answers. I attach also few photos of my game benchmarks with this build. All benchmarks was made on ultras, with monitor 3440x1440, CPU overclock +21%, memory XMP - default, GPU over
  8. Hello Kyle, thank you for your reply. 1) About size of radiator. Yes you can use H100i AIO. The size of radiator of both AIO is almost the same: LC240: 272 x 122 x 27 mm H100i: 277 x 120 x 27 mm I think any 240mm radiator can fit in this place. Only existing limitation is height. There is no more space to fit higher radiator or higher fan. And pay attention to fans and pump holders. One of fans need to be placed very close to upper pump holder. I cut one fan's holder to fit fans above memory and pump holder. I attach photo to show where to pay attention. 2) Abo
  9. Hello, David. Thank you for your reply. 1) Not sagging. Is fixed with metal srews. See image 8,9,10. One side of radiator is placed on cutted pci slots plugs. Other side is derectly fixed with black screws with washer. And one of the fans is screwed to top. This too ensure moveless state of radiator. See on the images - one of the fans is displaced 1cm. This was only way to fit it over motherboard in this place. 2) Yes I tryed standard position, but in this way the biggest problem was cables down PSU touch hot metal plate of videocard. The temperature of this metal plat
  10. Liamso, Thank you for reply. Here is the answers: 1) I not used any special tools just this tools on the image. 2) Yes most part of modification was to remove plastic from the top, cut one fan holder from each watercooler fan (wich is above the memory), drill one hole on the top for fan holder, and turn on the side metal holder of PSU cut him a little and fix it on front metal panel. 3) I used only cables from the PSU. In our market was present only one PSU size SFX with 750W. There was no choice :) And his cables fit very well this build. They is not long and all has thermal pr
  11. INTRODUCTION My target was to create a small, quiet, powerful and beautiful computer for work and gaming. I decided to use the CoolerMaster NR200P case. The problem was that I wanted to use the glass window, place the RTX 3080 at the bottom, place the water cooling on top, make the case quiet and cold. It was impossible to do all this at the same time in the current version of the case. In the first attempt, I completely destroyed the case while modifying. Then I bought another new case and found this solution with a minimum of modifications.
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