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  1. The Little Nightmare mod is based on the color changes of the Tower by adding a graphic touch with airbrushing, all accompanied by a custom liquid cooling tailored to that project. The back panel, GPU and front panel (PSU cover) have been airbrushed. Two color shades of the lighting were used, yellow with lighting on, FLUO with lighting off. The idea of the project was precisely to create something fascinating simply by coloring and not modifying the structure. I hope you enjoy my work.
  2. Work completed. We have dedicated ourselves to creating a well-known, scaled-down game scene to bring the inside of the PC to life. the action figures and elements are recreated by hand or with resin 3D printing. The 3D part is removable, it was created only for sympathetic use while the work was proceeding. The complete work is based only on the colors and airbrushing. We have given two shades of color to the lighting, yellow with lighting on, FLUO with lighting off, we hope that our project and final result will be to your liking. Good competition to all.
  3. The final choice of GPU was the RTX2080 TI as the RTX3080 took up a space necessary for the project.
  4. GPU modified for "space" needs ... Hoping that in the meantime the RTX3080 arrives we go to Founder ... hoping even more that the final result is up to par.
  5. Let's say that for what I use the anycubic is perfect, the only flaw is the very small print margin, but in the case we will put miniatures then anycubic is perfect. Forgive my poor English.
  6. While waiting for the other parts to be completed, we carry out some tests
  7. The presentation of our MOD ... We also work alongside us, driven by the passion for modding, to confront ourselves with the best modders in the world ... trying to live up to it. Hoping you will like our mod ... the components we will use will be published shortly. Good job everyone. For the VGA we opted for an RTX 2080 Super, hoping that it arrives before the end, it will be replaced with the RTX3080
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