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  1. Did several things here it is 16,47 Litres 400mm x 305mm x 135mm Couldnt finish it like i want and have to update it later USB Front i/o Is not finished and also the GPU gets updated later if Watercool can ship the 3080 XC3 Cooler
  2. Did some improvements on the case also the first hardware is mounted. power cord is mounted the top gets a subframe to get every 240mm radiator fit (fail from me - constructed with a acool nexxxos ^^ just this can fit :D) next step is doing the cables and waiting on watercool stuff
  3. Today i brushed the front the top panel and the case stand also ive done several countersunks and new holes for the PSU holder. Had to slide back the PSU about 17mm to get my reservoir mounted with a SFX-L psu (constructed in 3D just with a SFX *facepalm* )
  4. lets go on Connectors are here ! Case is robust AF !
  5. CORE ITX CMWS20 SFF scratch build // small update first thing ... im proud that Watercool cam in this project and supporting me with a CPU and GPU Waterblock Thank you so much. Today ive mad some new pcis from the case and its process. Still waiting on some screws and other stuff du finish the final assembling of the case it self Also ive designed small connectors for my panels and they also getting cnc milled this week didnt want to use these ugly brass cubes in a nice cnc machined case The casestand top and frontpanel gets a brushed cut finish I think i can put
  6. It is Acrylic some more parts arrived sorry just mobile pics .. my girlfriend steal my cam in the morning
  7. biggest repsect that you handmade all parts ! Handcraftlevel 1000 !! I feel mad with my machining thing
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