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  1. My Final Entry. This entry is not 100% percent finish. I still have many plans to this build. But unfortunately my family face a big problem, last week my mother got positive to covid 19 and my whole family got close contact to my mom in 2day before we know that my mom.got positive. We sleep, eat together in one house that 2days. After week my whole family experience symptoms of covid. Even me. Thats why i avoid to go to workshop. And we need to quarantine 14days. And last Jan 27 me and my whole family undergo to swab testing. Hoping it will be negative.. but as the goverment official told us.
  2. This project is a Mini Itx Build. With Cooler Master MasterBox Nr200P.. this build is sponsor by Msi, Fractal Design, Corsair and Aitc.. soon ill upload mo picture and videos.
  3. Hello guys, I'm Neal From Philippines. It's my first time to join CoolerMaster World Series Competition. And I'm also new in modding industry. Here's my concept entry for my Scratch Build. It's called Project: Tanso. Tanso means copper in english. I will do a custom build with a copper tube. I'll make the chassis using a copper tube that is connected also to the waterloop of the system and use a distro plate as the plate of the parts that I will use. Still working for the additional design and other style. But right now we finish the design for the loop and the chassis design. Thank you so mu
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