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  1. I got rejected from Columbia today but I did get my computer to boot. All that’s left to do is tubing and leak testing. You win some you lose some lmao.
  2. Had to drill a new hole for the power button so it didn’t collide with a fitting. Whole case was vibrating like crazy.
  3. Little bit of wet sanding up to 4000 grit has made this plate clear as day. Thanks bittech for recommending mirka abralon the soft pads are amazing.
  4. Had to stiffen up the case by connecting the two top parts. Ideally I would get it re-made or weld an extra piece but I’m a cheapskate and I wanted to jank this one out. Behold.
  5. My fingers are rubbed raw, burnt, and crushed. Honestly this is the worst way to make custom cables but the most economical for me at least not counting the wasted time. I’m debating whether to do the pump and fan cables or the egg cables but I’m definitely going to do the gpu ones. I’m going to sleeve these up but looks like my paracord is on a container ship in the middle of the pacific so there’s still a long time for me to rest.
  6. Pretty productive day today. I was super excited because this was the first time I had all my parts so I got set to installing. I think tomorrow I’m going to try and get the gpu block on and install the gpu and after that I just need to start doing wiring and tubing.
  7. Photo of me tapping the holes. I think some of these holes definitely should have been made deeper so I could have longer threads. Also My taps weren’t bottoming taps so the holes that weren’t through holes were only partially threaded. Definitely learned some stuff for next time.
  8. I think I'm gonna take my existing cables, cut them down, solder, and then sleeve them.
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