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  1. I feel like every time I come on here I see more then one entry that makes me wonder why I am even bothering
  2. I am dying to see what the :) this turns in to.
  3. I really want to share more but I'm trying to be secretive. Ugggg the anticipation is killing me. Hope everyone is having fun building.
  4. Yea its actually not all that special. The scratch build will hopefully be getting the special sauce. In here since this computer is brought to you by me and my wallet alone it will be getting an i7 6700k with a 2080 extreem water force. To match the old school look ill be going all aios with no hard line cooling here. So to compliment the 2080s aio ill be putting in a cooler master rgb cpu cooler. Ill be changing the fans on the 2080 to cooler masters Argb fans to match. Everything else from here and there's some really special throw backs im doing with this, are secret. You will see w
  5. While I will be entering a scratch build entry I wanted to do a case mod too. The case I am using is from the first pc I ever built entirely myself. I have kept it for years and now I am glad I did. I will be using a flagship coolermaster haf 932. The case had been gutted and I have some really exciting plans to take it in a new direction.
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