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  1. We also add 3d printed parts to the monitor. and now we show you the cyberpunk2077 mode.....
  2. The keyboard will look like it has been mistreated by the hacker of the gang. Having a very edgy design, it will also be stained with the programmer's blood ... lol ... details in 3d printing will also be added
  3. we heat the bed and start to print. we'll get the face of a gang member out the front of the case. above we will insert a cybernetic vertebral column.
  4. Let's create the cover for the back of the motherboard plate. We make the cardboard template and cut the plexyglass part. we print the nightcity image on the plexyglass with the uv printer
  5. We prepare the keyboard for the changes, it will have to look like it came straight out of the video game and that it belongs to the MAELSTROM gang. We design some parts in 3d and print them. They will then be painted.
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