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  1. Here is a shot of the basic frame build up and running! Still need to re-design the HDD mount, as they are both sitting a little high vs the side panel. 3.5" HDD is mounted against high density foam to reduce vibration noise, with the 2.5" SSD mounted on the front side. Power cord will run in front of the CPU cooler and behind the GPU, to a panel mount on the back panel. Using the 3060ti is going to free up some room for the top mounted 140mm fan versus a longer card in the initial concept, but I plan to adjust the front panel window size to account for that. Addressable LED strips will b
  2. Hey folks, a couple updates to bring! Few hardware changes: Now using: 2x16gb Trident Z Neo 3600MHz CL16 Nvidia 3060ti Founder’s Edition I was able to do a couple swaps around and ultimately upgraded these pieces without cost. Internal framing is done, PSU and HDDs are mounted. Final stage is the exterior. Planning a wooden stand with a nice staining to it, external panels of wood with a two tone black and white staining theme. Will be giving a nice thorough paint job to the frame as well for a cohesive look inside.
  3. Thanks Ann! You know it's funny, I had the inspiration to create my own scratch built case at pretty much the same time I discovered the cmws competition for 2020! Serendipity, let's call it. I've never done anything like this but thought I'd try my hand at it! It's been a great experience so far to be a part of this community of modders and builders. Thanks for having me!
  4. Internal layout is starting to take shape! Will be featuring a Hyper 212 Black RGB edition CPU cooler in finished CMWS form!
  5. Wow that definitely looks tight! Gonna be using custom unsleeved cables for power i imagine?
  6. You're not really working if you're not throwing some sparks! Currently cleaning up the motherboard tray before riveting into the case frame.
  7. I found a better set of renders with the front window concept fleshed out as well. This will be fashioned from acrylic and attached with some distance from the front panel for effective GPU airflow. Please excuse my poor rendering skills! I plan to have radiused curves around each corner of the front window.
  8. Case frame is constructed! Currently working on preparing the motherboard tray and IO shroud.
  9. INTRODUCTION Hey folks, welcome to my build log. This is actually going to be a lot of firsts for me. First build log! First custom-built case! First SFF build at all! First CMWS entry! I have always been interested in the SFF concept, being able to pack as much firepower into a small space as possible. As is my nature, I have been researching SFF builds and components for ages to plan out how I envisioned my own future build. However, there are a few parts I tend to be disappointed in the majority of SFF cases / builds. They tend to sacrifice noise
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