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  1. Unfortunately the deadline of CMWS20 has passed and I haven’t been able to finish the project beforehand, but I am still very glad that this project is coming together like I pictured it in my mind. Back to the problem with the polishing: the heater helped, but didn’t fix the problem. I had to accept that it wasn’t going to be 100% perfect if I wanted a shot at finishing before the CMWS deadline… In the end I didn’t make it, but overall I am very happy with the aluminium parts. This is what I’ve been polishing the metal parts with. The wheel occasionally caused som
  2. Just got word from Ann, January 31st is included. Deadline is latest timezone (so basically all January 31st for everyone.)
  3. Whoaaaaaa..... These pics were not shown on social media yet, so me likey likey!!! Damn dude, that last picture really shows the beauty of this whole project. So many colours coming together as one, so unique and beautiful!
  4. More progress, and more struggles! Started with sanding the aluminium panels that need to be wrapped to a 120 grit finish. First part of wrapping. Then it was time to finish the other panels and make them ready for polishing! The pictures below are the steps in sanding grits. Used a rotary polishing tool with 150mm pads. Be sure to use an interface pad with these things! Before sanding: 120 grit 240 grit 400 grit
  5. Hi Ann, what is the deadline time on the 31st of January? Is the 31st of januari included as a deadline day?
  6. I guess it did! Luckily I had that stuff during my study as well, made it easier to follow.
  7. MOAR STUFF! Did some final physical modifications to the chassis/panels. Started with attaching 20mm standoffs to the sideplate storage side. Needed to mount it on quite some locations because it's only 1mm aluminium and is quite thin at the top. Test fit the 3D-printed cable combs for the SATA power and SATA data cables. Really like how this looks. I took the time to mount the new GPU block on the card. Wrapped it directly so I wouldn't have to take it apart again. First time wrapping, and this quite is a special kind of skill. Needs more pract
  8. Gotta love me some physics lessons during a build log haha! That "radiator" looks dope AF!
  9. Wow. The amount of detail in your mechanical work is amazing! Great job!
  10. Ohh boyy do I know the pains of polishing, lol... Looking great so far man, keep it up!
  11. Very big build update. First a test fit with the mounted motherboard and GPU. Note that this is the OLD GPU block. GPU was mounted from the back of the motherboard tray. Two 500GB SSD's and 2x 2TB HDD's on the back of the motherboard tray. Mounted the HDD's with the original rubber mounts that came with the SL600M. Test fit in the case. Also drilled holes for all the watercooling passthrough fittings that'll route the tubes to and from the GPU and CPU
  12. New update: I've been busy polishing the outer aluminium panels. The aim is to polish them to a high mirror finish, but as it's my first time doing this it seems to be quite the challenge. Hard to sand all the imperfections out of the lower grits, especially when going higher up in grit count (600+). Seem to be getting there with the panel polishing (after tens of hours of undocumented hand- and machine polishing.) Still struggling with getting the lower grits out. Might need to get different sand paper.
  13. Damn dude, this looks dope! Love the bullet holes, and definitely awesome to see a red and black mod again! They're very scarce these days.
  14. First time reading through your worklog, and this looks so amazing! I really love the way you log and take the time to take us through the whole build progress. PS. Those aluminium/wood combinations make me drool!!
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