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  1. Soooo, finally done. Just before the deadline of coarse. Some specs: Hardware specs: - Intel i7 10700KF CPU - Gigabyte Z490i Aorus Ultra MB - G.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4-3866 32GB RAM - Radeon R9 Nano GPU (hope to upgrade to a RTX 3070 FE when they are in stock) - Adata SX8200 M.2 512GB SSD - FSP Dagger Pro 650W PSU Watercooling: - 2 x Magicool G2 slim 360 Radiators (yes, two 360 rads in less then 17l ) - Watercool Heatkiller IV CPU Water Block - AquaComputer R9 Nano Water Block - D5 pump and reservoir
  2. Last update before the final photos. Finished the painting and the cables. And started the final assembly. some Cooler Master fans Hope to finish tomorrow.
  3. Update time... First is the "poor man's" painting booth. and the result: I decided to use some gold leaf for the accents: Some partial results: Now to start with the final assembly. Just the cables left to do before that.
  4. Finally did the leak test... aaaand it failed (notice the paper towels). Luckily it was just one fitting that needed tightening, so easy fix. This is my first hard line loop, so for my first PETG bends I would rate these as "not bad" So, with the test done and everything working, finally I can start painting tomorrow.
  5. The last part of fabrication proved to be the most difficult. Doing the side cut-outs for the fans. The cuts are done by hand and with the Dremel motosaw. Btw, the motosaw is really struggling with 2 mm aluminum, I really wish I had bought another scroll saw.
  6. Small update. New addition that I wanted to share. GPU, pump and the display are installed. First leak test coming soon.
  7. Update time! I've made the mount for the radiators, PSU and motherboard. Currently doing some fit tests. As you can see I've got a new Z490 motherboard and a 10700KF (I found a good deal). The CPU is delided. I've had it running at 5.2GHz in a short test with an air cooler, so pretty optimistic about that. Next I have to do the GPU and pump mount, then I hope to be able do a first waterloop test before X-mas.
  8. Things are moving along. First what will be the motherboard tray. And then, after struggling to grind down parts of the mod cubes, finally the first assembly. Sorry for the bad photos btw, next time I will do them in natural light, hopefully they will be better. Next is fixing the motherboard and the rads.
  9. Hey! I received the aluminum pieces yesterday, so I started to do some work. First cleaning and deburring the aluminum pieces. And then drilling some holes. I'm using this Bosch drilling press. It works ok, the only problem is the drill bit has a play of about 1mm, not ideal. And finally, tapping some M3 threads.
  10. Hi folks! I'm bugslunchbox, I live in Germany and this is my first time participating in the CoolerMaster Case Mod World Series. I'll be doing a SFF aluminum scratch build with watercooling. The name will make sense towards the end, in the painting phase, I hope. Before starting the design I set some targets for myself: - smallest dimensions possible (I ended up at 410x204x203mm, so that is just under 17l) - easy to build, without complicated tools (so no CNC) - both motherboard and GPU should be visible from one side - cool and quiet (there a
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