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  1. Andrey, Have you seen this top mounted aio build? I don't see the necessity to flip the motherboard upside down like they did but the mounting for AIO on top interested me. https://imgur.com/a/xJNwgmf https://imgur.com/gallery/Yx4wI28#K7NAa1w ( this is also mounted similar up top ) but he has no fans? Id-cooling makes the 92mm fan you have in 120x15mm so that could be used in place of the thicker 25mm aio fans to clear the ram without having to cut the corners off possibly? Did you try mounting the Asus AIO fans in a pull through the top of the NR200 like he did or was that making c
  2. Andrey, Does the psu draw enough air through the front of the panel? Is that they way you have it facing? It seems like that it may not be pulling in a lot of air that way?? I have read about people mounting it intake inside and exhaust up?
  3. Andrey! Looks great, I have a 5900x ( still trying to secure gpu ) but I am starting to layout the build. How did you keep your 92mm ( intake ) fan on the back from having the fan blades rub on the inside of the case? I have a 120x15mm fan ( from same manufacturer you have ) and when I put it in there the blades rub on parts of the case.. it has to be mounted the other way for air to intake and my blades hit that way ~kyle
  4. Beautiful Andrey! I am using your build as a guide for me but I wanted to try and use a different AIO because Asus does not cover any damages to equipment if there was a failure. I noticed on the Rog Strix 240 AIO you use it lists the radiator Dimension: 150 x 122 x 27 mm Is that a typo? Corsair Hydro Series, H100i RGB PLATINUM SE, 240mm: 277mm x120mm x27mm I would prefer to go corsair due to them covering any damages to psu/gpu/mobo if there happens to be a manufacturer defect and it leaks Can you confirm dimensions of the radiator you are using and also, would the h100i plati
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