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  1. Sorry, we made a mistake in the rules. We've changed it to having the start date no earlier than January 1st, 2014. It was our intention to make the contest a gathering of the best work from the modding community. It was not right for us to exclude anyone that had been recognized for their passionate work. Please accept our apologies. Cooler Master team
  2. Seems like you got it figured out. If you need anymore help just let us know!
  3. As long as you registered on the event page by Oct. 31st, you have until Jan 31st to submit your entry
  4. We've got people on this, should be taken care of now
  5. As long as you post the entire worklog up by end of the contest, Jan 31st, it's fine. But of course we'd encourage you to share the progress earlier if possible.
  6. Sorry everyone, there was no confirmation mail this time around. We'll make sure an email is sent out next time we run a contest like this.
  7. Can I use ANY CM product? Incl. small products like thermal paste, fans etc? Does this mean the "registration" deadline or deadline of the competition? Also I registered for a Scratch Build (atleast thats what I entered in the reg. form). What if I want to cancel that and do a Tower Mod instead? Or say, do both? I was wondering why there's no CPU Cooler Mod this time? Any Cooler Master product is ok including thermal paste, fans, etc., but if possible something a little more obvious showing Cooler Master Pictures of all components by competition deadline, which is 1/31.
  8. same here. We still have to post some updates, but the mod was just recently started, so there isn't really much progress. Hopefully someone from Cooler Master can clarify this for us. We will have these updated as soon as we can
  9. Once you register on the contest page + created a forum account, you're set to go! If you have any issues with getting a forum account, let me know or email at: raymen_wu@coolermaster.com.tw
  10. Not much is different, but please note that the earliest date that the project started is Jan 1, 2013.
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