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  1. Dave and Asgneto (sorry, I forgot) are right about seeing scores. The last time we saw the results live in real time because of the different voting system but in the end we saw what our mods were worth in votes. This was invaluable to me as a new entrant to the past contest and a relative n00b to competitive modding (my 1st on-line contest). For Asgneto, who won his category the last time, he cares for other reasons: how his forum mates did, how his friends around the world did and from this, advise them what to do. A lot if a low score, and not so much if the score were higher. He is just l
  2. Bravo for the winners of this year's contest! Congrats to the CM team, not a single feather ruffled this time and all seems quite cool...as all memorable and distinguished contests should be. GREAT! More than competitors or "show-offs" we sort of forget that we are a community with one thing that distinguishes from the rest---modding. We are more in a sort of brotherhood in which contests keep our juices flowing and keeps us on the cutting edge, something that is necessary to keep the hobby moving ahead than what a lot think otherwise, might be a cut-throat competition. And yes, some of us a
  3. Before anyone gets all wound up, I state that I mod as a hobby, am a fan of CM products (quite evident), competed in the past 2009 event (won a modest prize), am from Mexico (WTH,where?) and know a bunch of guys here. English is also my second language which I handle so-so, so please bear with me. Translators are still wonky IMO otherwise I would post even more. Sorry guys! Agree, the projects shown this time are AMAZING! The votes shown now, as I understand it and am not the first to comment, are just the "popular" side of the voting which account for 30% of the total score/mod, so this tim
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