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  1. The image: "Hey, why did I catch this error? It's the first time I vote " My Answer: " Vitor Lima's voting system sucks, unfortunately. Everyone is suffering from similar mistakes even if it is their first turn, only go back to vote or insist who is a real friend. Patience, I did what I could, this is the last time I participate. " Constant error from this ip have already voted was reported by many friends, I gave up asking for votes, it's sad. We like to publicize our projects but it is the WORST VOTE SYSTEM OF EVERY YEAR. Nobody tried to fix the mistakes, it's my las
  2. No, it happens that the person tries for the first time and it appears that they voted, since no one at the address voted before, more than two friends complaining about the error but I have a lot more here saying that they didnt succeed. Sad
  3. A long-awaited period is the voting system where we can share to our friends and ask for votes in our work, this year the system is extremely bad and many are reporting an error message: Be it a message that they have already made the vote or they or shares that fall on other competitors' pages. I would very much like to believe that there will be no voting fraud and that the system really works, talking to some colleagues who are also participating are reporting similar errors or inability to vote because they "already voted".
  4. I believe that I managed to complete everything I wanted for this project, airbrushing does not exist in this competition with the same level and richness of details as this one. I wanted to use creativity to fill the interior of this case, I don't have the financial resources to put a customized liquid refrigeration. I decided to use the watercooler radiator in the vertical position, so I built a support that fixed it in position and at the same time could pass all the wires through the back in addition to the push and pull ventilation. At the top I created a support t
  5. Returning to painting, it was based on the cover art of the book as I said at the beginning of the publications, but here is the image of the Ozob in the game Cyberpunk 2077 The art continues... the cigar smoke And of course: the Coolermaster Brand couldn't be missing!
  6. I had the idea to use the inside of the Ozob book cover to create the envelope Another idea was to create the first vertical video card cover: Here is it another details radiator cover "Jovem Nerd" eastereggs and "RGB BABACA"
  7. More paint Front 4 120mm fans in front, original C700P only space for 3 120mm fans laser markings and parts are glued one by one manually tests And I decided to put the theme character on all the fans Here's the cover idea and ready first in wood later in acrylic and of course
  8. I had the idea of replacing the original logo of my watertcooler I made the measurements an accessory that the project's theme character wears on his nose: a grenade It was cut in half and after painted Pinned in place Another idea I had was to place the watercooler radiator next to the motherboard I made the measurements And a structure was made in metal that could fix the radiator, allowing it to push and pull the ventilation system Pain
  9. Disassembling the case Start of painting I decided to modify the front air intake And now one of the coolest parts: Airbrushing. The art chosen for the theme is based on the cover of the book that tells a little about the life of the character Ozob. Step by Step
  10. I hope I have enough time to make the publications, firstly some of the pieces used. My C700P and C700M of this project. C700M Gigabyte B550 Vision D Other Acessories I love this keyboard My new HS Aorus RTX 2070 Xtreme 10 fans 120mm Wc used
  11. INTRODUCTION “OZOB” is the name of the current project for 2020. Loved by the Brazilian nerds, Ozob was presented in 2013 for the podcast series called “Cyberpunk RPG” is a replicant bald, red-haired, albino mercenary with a red grenade in the place of his nose, a dystopian, mocking clown. In addition to the podcast that has been a success for more than 14 years of existence, the character has already turned several products such as t-shirts, collector's items, books and will be present in the game Cyberpunk 2077 to the delight of fans in Brazil. A theme own
  12. Whatever the outcome, I want to thank coolermaster for the excellent level in this competition and thank you for the opportunity to have participated, I am very happy for that. The media exposure and that this event has brought has been fantastic, think of how many people in the world no longer know us now guys?! I made new friends, contacts .. Yeah, I spent some anger, but it was a championship ... I knew I could go through situations like that when I signed up. I'm not giving up, maybe the next?! ... who knows?! I will participate again! While the next contest is announced, we'll see on t
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