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  1. the voting seem pretty mess up lol as usual, least it it only counts 30% which is a good thing . hopefully all the entrys have been check for start date . Some of the mods where started before the contest start date of july 2010.
  2. 5.Post images and comments of your mod progress on the thread you created in Step 4. 5 (a) For those who are entering with a completed or ‘on progress’ mod: ◦You must be able to provide a full worklog with images and comments (from start to finish of your modding work) on the CM Forum. ◦Your mod must NOT be earlier than July 2010. ◦Your mod was NEVER entered into any Cooler Master’s contest prior to this. I notice some of the mods where started before this date, just wanted to make sure this rule still apllies?
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