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  1. Hello guys! That's the last post here with some updates and final photos. Enjoy it! Fixing the backpack strap from an old backpack. I'll change for something more secure and trustworthy, but for now that's ok. The button to change CM's halo color. I would like to thank you all for following
  2. Hello guys! Time to paint and a frist test of lights. I'll back soon to finish. Bests! =D
  3. Happy New Year guys! After printed six parts of Cooler Master halo, I needed to join all parts Testing ARGB strip Cutting the front cover Adjusting, fixing and sanding Almost everything ready to paint. I'll be back soon. Bests!
  4. Hello guys, Time to print and join the case body. Some ABS plastic support with acetone to make a fix paste. Sanding and sanding again Testing... That's it for now. Bests!
  5. Thanks man! Hi guys, Sorry for the delay, but let's see some steps of this project. I cut some parts on my homemade router: A wood base to fix some pieces And an acrylic to fix the motherboard Testing ML240RS Testing the PSU V750 I'll be back soon with news. Bests! =D
  6. Hello guys! Another year here to make something diferrent Well, this CMWS I'll make a project that is simple but functional to go anywhere. This is the proposal. Release the CMBP! A first sketch: I made some modifications during 3D sketch and that is the render: I'll be back soon and keep modding! Best regards!
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