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  1. I am building new pc with MSI x470 Gaming plus MB.  I have ordered ML120r and would like to add 4 additional  140mm RGB addressable fans.  What do I need to order to ensure all 5 fans sync up with Mystic Light . Also would like to add RGB strips.  I would appreciate the help since it doesn't cost any more to do it right the first time

  2. Ghost



    I just had a quick question since you seemed to be aware of this issue. I have the same one column of the masterkeys pro L keyboard having red leds on even though all leds are off. My serial number has the 1161, however, if CM sent me another 1161 wouldn't that be an older model?



    1. knud




      Sorry for the delayed reply - I missed this post.

      What is your complete S/N? (Because 1161 suggest 2016 wk 1)


  3. hmm tho i dont see any bans but i cant  post anything 

  4. is my thread locked ? i cant reply 

    1. knud


      Not locked in any way.

  5. Normally you can just copy the youtube URL. Like this: After you posted the post, you will see the video appearing in the thread.
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