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  1. I agree the email said 30% end user and 70% admins. What happened to that??
  2. I am confused I see people have submitted unfinished mods and are still updating worklogs. I thought yesterday was it?? Am I wrong??
  3. Try again I was just notified that they had not received my submission.
  4. Thank you Cooler Master for bringing this cool event to us!! I am new here and still kind of a noob to modding. I have a few worklogs up at the Asus ROG forums and you can find my most recent mod here on the cover computerpoweruser.com I am currently working on two different builds one is a HAF X and the other will most likely be the one I enter , not sure on a name yet. I am looking forward to seeing the COoler Master rep at Sacramento intel Lanfest in April. Both mods will be there for to see. Thanks again. Good luck to all. Let the fun begin.
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