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  1. any chance us that didn't get a top 3 place could see our scores atleast?
  2. COOLERMASTER come on already, It's May 31st..... Is it to be posted on the CM mod comp page? or are we all going to get an email?
  3. hey there is a tab that says tower mod and scratch mod, click the scratch build thats were you will find them
  4. all i get is mail returned emails whats going on with there mail server
  5. @LaBe Hey you do stand a chance its all about who likes your case and the votes, It has nothign to do with how much you spend. It is all about the time and hard work you put into the project. As long as you end up with a case that you are proud of nothing else matters after that, its your creation, you brought it to life from the depths of your mind how ever deep they may be. So try not to short sell your ability to MOD
  6. Hello every one. I look forward to seeing the Cases take shape over the next 2 months. Good luck to you all. and most important - HAVE FUN WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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