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  1. Good Morning Pclinde. I recently purchased a Cooler Master Trooper SE case, and share the frustrations of users like Mark, who you have helped sort out his front panel wiring issues in the past. I too, have spent many hours, trying to figure out the wiring shown in attached photo, I have also posted elsewhere on this forum. My project is currently on hold, until I am comfortable, all wiring originating from the front control panel has been connected properly. Any help in this regard, would be appreciated. 

    Trooper Connections.jpg

  2. is the v8 gts better then airmaker 8 with 3dvc

    does the gts also have 3dvc

  3. is the v8 gts better then airmaker 8 with 3dvc

    does the gts also have 3dvc

  4. Let's organize something for the Netherlands! (Mechanical keyboard meet-up in April at Cooler Master Eindhoven)
  5. Hi Pim! Can you please help me on topic How to record macro of CM storm mouse? Thanks :)

  6. Good luck to everyone participating in the Mod World Series!
  7. Cosmos II is it a dream?

  8. NovaTouch TKL - Smooth as butter. Oh, welcome! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

  9. NovaTouch TKL! :3

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