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  1. hi qs, yes, i love being loyal to the theme. here are some more details. :-) this is gonna be a really cultural piece of art again. i think tomorrow i will do the break down after making the gong into the power switch.then its all about putty paint n polish.well, wirkjing and all that horrible stuff too.so, thanks to my mate stefan in usa, who is a japanologist and can actually read what i had on the reservoirs. (chinese) i changed the writing to some engraved chinese wall plates. i couldnt tell which way up or round the chinese caligraphy was supposed to be. so thats changed.i set in th
  2. hi guys, here is some more progress. i changed the plan and made some new storm turrets to rest the tubes on that now have two extra bends. i also utilised another part of the case, the io panel at the back. this pc now has a voice too, two speakers are worked in.
  3. hi guys, am really sad I cant be part of this because I am not finished but it still doesnt minder my potivation to finish this creation with all it deserves. here are some progress opics and tonight I will have an explainer video up about what happened so far! This one is CULTURAL!
  4. so i continued work on the halberds. these were really an innovative combination of lance, pulling and thrusting flesh cutting hacking weapon.seeing as this is indeed a QIN and chinese design of them, i had to integrate them.I have made 4 of acrylic and am using them to set of the reservoir parapets on both sides. almost finished and weathered a bit too. not exactly finished but already looking quite good.
  5. Of course, seeing as I am back in my time schedule, I will try to post every day to get as much finished in the next feew days, My next aim is the DCMM which is postponed till mid 2021. So its all in for that now.
  6. Hi everyone. sorry for the silence here but unfortunately I lost my dad on the 2nd of Jan 2021. He passed away silently in the night. So I had to rush to England, which wasnt that easy in this Covid and Brexit time. Quarantine there, quarantine here, burial arrangements and so forth. Was all very difficult for the whole family. He was looking forward to seeing this Mod finished. Thats saddening, but I am back in action again and staying busy is the best way to keep my mind off his departure I guess. So here goes. Of course, It wount be finished now because of all this so even though I wo
  7. hi guys, first of all merry christmas to yoaullll! hope you enjoy yourselves, but please be sensible as far as covid rules are concerned.btt. here is the last bunch of pics i made yesterday. gonna miss my workshop till sunday. i dont have a great working possibility in my small berlin flat. but i did of course take some made parts home to work with. made some tiles to test a paint job for the roof of it all.more to come.and I have finall integrated the cm pc case. special thanks go to coolermaster for the MASTERBOX Q500L case.Sorry I had to cut it up https://forums.bit-tech.net/styles/default/
  8. Hi mate. Yes indeed. I will be using the mesh and the USB panel.
  9. Hi Guys, here are some of the Final Pics. I managed to get two of my colleagues to play some good old games for the photos too. thanks to them for that. better than showinmg my ugly face any day Video is still yet to come.
  10. Hi guys, I guess you all noticed, this case is now a Scratchbuild. My "NEXT Of QIN" now contains the CM Case and is hence a casemod TOWER build. Thanks to CM. We swapped them.
  11. Hi guys, I guess you all noticed, this case is now a casemod TOWER build and the other one has become a Scratchbuild. We swapped them.
  12. hi guys, so now this c ase is getting roofed and the mainboard is being integrated.apart from that i started making some halberds for decoration the reservoir pavilions.the whole lid/ roof structure is resting on the self made reservoirs.
  13. and here are the pics well here you can see the templating for the pavilion halberd lances.the pavilions will hold the self made square reservoirs which again will hold the roof of the mod. i want the whole look to resemble the forbidden city a bit. but in QIN PC stylehttps://forums.bit-tech.net/styles/default/xenforo/clear.png.
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