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  1. I've always liked the CM mod competitions, always bringing new people in the world of modding resulting to some fresh, inspiring designs. I'm currently checking out the builds and work-logs... there are lots of them, with load of pictures.... really some great builds this year. I won't be able to post a comment on each of them, but that wouldn't mean anything about me liking one more then another. I've wished I could have participated along this year, but I sadly wouldn't have the time on it. So at least, every build I'd see, will be better then my non-existing one! Well, good luck t
  2. Nice to see all these mods coming along together! I'm not able to be on the forum much to post comments, so I usually quickly look at the pictures ^^, and I've seen some very nice things! Everybody can be proud of his/her creation, heck, you make me feel like having 2 left hands... My votes are in, well, we'll know soon enough who the big winners!
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