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  1. I have the same problem. And when testing with other people's links, the same thing happens. And they always lead to the same project. Link from Facebook (open another project) - https://community.coolermaster.com/cmws/cmws-vote/?contest=photo-detail&photo_id=4336&fbclid=IwAR25k_QuwRGvhexkN45joamE58kw6vYyTH1MtEQjks6FIKcDatoz5oVbNVw Link to my project (work) - https://community.coolermaster.com/cmws/cmws-vote/?contest=photo-detail&photo_id=4336
  2. After a lot of running, here I present the final photos.
  3. After installing the bottom cover with the passtrouth I had to move 5mm forward, with that the tubing was not straight with the VGA and it was also inclined with the original support. To solve this problem I ended up redoing the VGA support with an extra spacing of 5mm and reinforcing it.
  4. That was the most difficult part. First I had to sand the corners of 26 pieces to make them matte to better dissipate the light, then I had to sand 104 pieces, paint, remove burrs from the paint and then glue everything and fix it in place. Final result were 2 Grills that are also VU of leds. One of which still has the built-in reservoir support.
  5. Painting!!! The chosen colors were matte black and blue water clear (Volkswagen catalog) which is a silver drawn to very light blue.
  6. Next step was the construction of the front. As the space was bigger than I expected, I ended up using another screen at the bottom of the case. I cut the front based on the design of the plastic support of this piece, to keep the front rigid and made a specimen of sandwich. With layers of acrylic and lcds for fixing the screens and the support in the front. The smoked acrylic was more dark than I wanted leaving the screen without much lighting and without an indirect light effect that I projected for the RGB analog controller. But I intend to make a new one with a lighter acrylic. The t
  7. I was sick of the motherboard covers and the Water Block look and that's why I decided to make new covers for both. But first I decided to change the thermal paste. Right after I drew the covers on the cardboard to get the measurements and then cut and folded the pieces in aluminum. At first I thought about polishing the pieces. But after I applied the varnish something went wrong. I ended up removing the varnish and polishing and decided to paint the pieces in the color of the case, but first I made a piece to reflect the original lighting of the motherboard for the new lighting
  8. For the project an SSD M.2 from Team Force Group model Cardea II was used, but the red color would not match the project so I decided to remove the anodized one using caustic solder in a very simple process. I mixed it with warm water and immersed the piece for 2 minutes.
  9. First step was to cover the interior. I used cardboard to take the measurements, then remade everything in 3mm MDF (same thickness as acrylic) for definitive tests. After I modeled everything in corel and sent it for laser cuts. With the pieces in hand, I started with the small adjustments to make everything fit perfectly, curvatures in the pieces, creation of spreaders. I also removed parts of the Case to get space and made some holes for fixing. And follow photos of all stages. Still without the final painting.
  10. Hello friends, My name is Felipe and I'm known as Samamba! For my new project I decided to use the theme SciFi (Science Fiction) as the theme. I thought of something with a very clean and functional look as you can see in my project. The interior in the project image is only illustrative, since it was designed before receiving the cabinet, and I could only think of the interior after having the cabinet in hand to make the measurements. For this project I have the support of Cooler Master America Latina and Team Group. BR Felipe Samamba The project
  11. Some photos of him on display
  12. To finalize some pictures of him off.
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