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  1. Video for the magnetized back covers.
  2. So that s all from me, Irie Ahmad. My entry for CMWS 2019, The Tralucidus which means transparent. The idea of having dummy component using acrylic is to show the people that we can still do great modding even we are not getting sponsorship. All we need is creativity and passion. We should changed the mindset of "I need to get sponsorship so i can mod my PC". Cant afford having high end hardware? Make one!! Anyway thank you all for stoping by and good luck to you all modders out there!!! MOD ON!!!
  3. Going internal! The pumps + mood top. Mobo watereblock. CPU waterblock GPU waterblock 24 pins + GPU 8+6 pins + 4+4 pins eps PSU cover plate. Make It Yours. IO shield. #aumlat #MemangYes
  4. Changed the screws to Bitspower thumbscrews
  5. Final product!!!! Finally proper photoshoot. The front Slight front + side view. Side internal view. Custom sidepanel view With ARGB effect Top + side view Side + back view
  6. Sanding the 3rd cover base plate for ARGB lighting effect. That s more like it. Attached the top plate aka the skeleton. This 3rd cover will be a bit different with the other two. DONE!!!!! Peeled off all the protective paper films. a small touch up CMWS 2019 logo for final closure.
  7. Decided to change the stock side panel. With something BOLD!! Utilizing the machine. Bottom plate is clear and the skeleton plate is gloss black. 3mm + 2mm. No screws will be used. Fully magnetized. Done with left and bottom covers. See for yourself. This is basically a product showcase project. LOL. Moving to the 3rd cover. 9 x 6mmx3mm neodymium rare earth
  8. There are lots of things need to be done more. However you can still feast your eyes people.
  9. Done for the internal now. Still deciding whether to continue with the external make over or not.
  10. Powering it up. Water flow + ARGB effect. Connect the Cooler Master Sleeved PSU Extension Cable Kit. 24 pins + 8 pins EPS + 8 pins and 6 pins pcie
  11. Do some cut on the PSU bracket so that the PSU is visible to eyes (showcase). Gonna cover it with CMWS 2019 10th Year anny. Cut is done and gonna bend it and cover the bracket mount. Final product. Using magnets (matte black epoxy coated neodymium rare earth magnet).
  12. Assemble back the tubing and the other component, Leak + flushing progress. MEssy wrokshop for now. I barely can find stuffs that i need to use.
  13. Remove all the tubes, gpu and pumps. Fixing the ARGB LED for the mobo and IO shield cover.
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