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  1. Don't miss the details! Here is the video
  2. Next day, indoor pics... The stunning lights Careful, we have some civilians on the way Start your engines, we're about to takeoff Once design, once build... 3d concept Size matters... May look big, but just impression. Next to my NR200P Case Details That's all... Soon the video. Thanks for watching this proyect, hope u liked!
  3. Time for cool shoots! Going outside before raining starts Landing pad is ready... Lucky to be all terrain vehicle
  4. Final details... Acrylic front with air intake for cpu cooler, and on top, cmws20 logo Placing vcard inside. The engine-fan provide excellent airflow inside to keep cool the card. Only two cables come out from behind: Power cable and displayport. Everything else works wireless (kb&mice, headphones, wifi). Final Assembly, ready for final photos...
  5. After airbrush... Now, some details... The front lamp reflect Coolermaster logo
  6. 4 of 4 engines Now preparing the cooling solution. Each one will host a 80mm fan, ventilating the PSU (bottom) and the Vcard on top. Of course, they must look like an engine, so i added led strips inside. Now the paint process begin. The main color will be aluminium, but as any exploration spaceship, must show some corrosion, dust and wear. So, airbrushing is expected too
  7. Printing feet... Vcard will be placed on top, inside the case. Don´t worry, will be plenty of airflow. Weigh test... seems to be enough and well balanced. Now the motors. 4 of them, not only to be beautiful, will be useful too.
  8. Time to print! Now looks like an egg. Everything fits in their place... Adding wings Rocket now?
  9. Hardware for this mod, Itx mobo, SFX psu and few coolermaster items like G100M Cooler & Riser Cable. The design size was adjust for this hardware.
  10. Inspired by the looks of betta fish, this mod is an exploration spaceship hosting a gaming PC Sketching for some time, come up with the design, where the motherboard will be visible at front, stunning with the G100M cooler.
  11. MooZ


    Wondering how it looks when is running? here is the video! Enjoy!
  12. MooZ


    This week has been a rush! but finally i'm done... Here is eternal, The XB casemod. Hand modeled parts, some 3dprint, airbrushing and lightning effects to bring the he11 to earth!
  13. MooZ


    For lightning, every spot is argb. The reason is because i made a custom code for arduino, to look the light like fire (hope so). Difficult to watch on photo, wait for the final video
  14. MooZ


    For radiator, the Masterfan sf240P: argb, cool desing and just ONE pair of cables For top, the Revenant is emerging from cover! 3D printed file, paint later. Extra details like 4 skulls cross-inverted and DOOM logo
  15. MooZ


    Showing off the new power button
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