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  1. I submitted 800 x 600 intentionally. I thought people might like to know exactly why they were having so much trouble. That's all. In past years 800 x 600 was the max resolution. Good luck!
  2. My submission worked but I sent small 800 x 600 photos. I'm guessing that sending large photos at the 5MB size limit isn't working out real well.
  3. I wouldn't assume anything. It would be nice to know which one of the slots is the main photo. All of my photos are "full build" photos and I don't want them to decide which is best. Good luck! I want to know which upload slot is for the main photo and if it will be cropped to a square to fit your gallery?
  4. Cooler Master needs to do something about all these spammers. It doesn't look good for a technology company to be losing this kind of battle (which you clearly are losing). While I'm at it...Noobs need to learn how to post photos. Good luck to all!
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