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  1. Hi guys, due too much work on my job, i am not going to finish my project in given time. Sure, i ll finish it some day but not during this competition Thank you all for your kind support and wish you all the best in competition and may the best win. Cheers and see you next Year. Exe/Pcustomod
  2. have no more likes to give today, great job as always
  3. Just geting shape, more work to do but i think i can do that
  4. nice job mate, got a get me one of those air brushes
  5. Hi guys, i wish this year bring you good health and prosper in business and privately, and let's hope 2021 be better then the last one. Cheers MOD ON
  6. For sure mate, is fun build. But as you can see, either i rework g code or new from beginning for filament i dont care but hours...no...days, oh man Dont worry for flux, its done
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