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  1. you play game world of tank blitz ?

    1. Matt


      i've played world of tanks. 


    2. Sunday Morning

      Sunday Morning

      Really ? i play world of tank blitz


  2. Hi Warren ;)

    1. Warren_kwa


      Hi :) how you been? 

    2. Sunday Morning

      Sunday Morning

      Good man ..... and busy with some paper work :)


  3. Felling not very well // not confortable

  4. how you doing man ?

    1. world


      Doing well :)


      But always super busy!


      How have you been? :D

    2. Sunday Morning

      Sunday Morning

      hehe im going good man and everyday sit at forum.

  5. Hopefully i can get or buy as the picture attached

  6. Thanks Cooler Master

  7. Interview with vampire

  8. Sleep ................

  9. MasterCase Pro 7 the Beast

  10. Sleep ..Iam Going to Sleep

  11. Cooler Master Cosmos SE

  12. Iam Not Cooler Master Staff

  13. Learn to be Better (able to speak malaysian)

  14. Cooler Master Support Issue is the Best :)

  15. Cooler Master Seidon 120V

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