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  1. is the v8 gts better then airmaker 8 with 3dvc

    does the gts also have 3dvc

  2. you play game world of tank blitz ?

    1. Matt


      i've played world of tanks. 


    2. Sunday Morning

      Sunday Morning

      Really ? i play world of tank blitz


  3. Hi Warren ;)

    1. Warren_kwa


      Hi :) how you been? 

    2. Sunday Morning

      Sunday Morning

      Good man ..... and busy with some paper work :)


  4. Hihow can I become your partner?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. iC4pa


      Scusa per la battitura errata non far caso al commento precedente


      Sono del centro Italia 

      Quindi come posso diventare vostro collaboratore, intendo per testare i vostri prodotti

    3. Sunday Morning
    4. Sunday Morning
  5. Felling not very well // not confortable

  6. why you close my case?

    i cant answer to you

    i have like this: pump at cpu fan

    fans at cpu opt

  7. how you doing man ?

    1. world


      Doing well :)


      But always super busy!


      How have you been? :D

    2. Sunday Morning

      Sunday Morning

      hehe im going good man and everyday sit at forum.

  8. Hopefully i can get or buy as the picture attached

  9. Thanks Cooler Master

  10. Interview with vampire

  11. Sleep ................

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