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  1. Ive had a ticket opened for a defective part on my MB530P case since 5/11/2020 and they have closed it without any comments or updates.  Ticket 30461


    Company is pathetic.


    Can we get some kind of update on our tickets and requests?

    I am looking to return ALL of my cooler master products and replace with a more reputable company's products and will recommend anyone who has purchased or thinking about purchasing your products to RUN as fast as they can from this scam of a company.


    1. Mohd Noh

      Mohd Noh


      Sorry to for all of this but i don`t know what happen to your ticket

      I believe they will follow up back your ticket and try reach them at FB via msg .

      + Covid 19 attacking the world might will be slow ...

  2. Hello , Good morning,

    Would you please help with logging in to my account  to cooler-master website (amrhussein1h@gmail.com) , i can't log in , it keep says logins attempts failed

    after posting a ticket into support section (for having a problem with loud fan) i recieved an email with subject (Your case 24684 has been updated) .. i tried to log in to see the comment on my case i couldn't .. 

    sorry for the disturbance

    thank you

  3. ML120R, not cooling CPU. CPU Temps 115 C ASRock Z390 Pro 4 Mobo Random shutdown


    CPU temps report 115c and won't go down.


    Current new build specs:

    Mobo: ASRock Z390 Pro4 (Lastest BIOS V4- Reporting Temps 30c)

    CPU: I7-9700k (Reporting Temps 115c)

    GPU: Asus ROG Strix 8GB (Reporting Temps 30c)

    RAM: 32GB Corsair Vengence 3000mhz (Reporting Temps 30c)

    Case: Deepcool Mattrex 55 w/ 3 front intake fans for cold air (2000-3000 RPM)

    Exhaust Fan: Cool Master 120 ARGB fan (2000-3000 RPM

    CPU Cooler: Cool Master ML120R Dual Fan w/ Radiator and Water Cooler (Used on top of the case as exhaust heat 2000-3000 RPM)

    SSD: Intel 1tb M.2

    Storage: 4tb Seahawk SATA SSD


    All fans appear to spin and are configurable besides the water pump fan that reports no RPMS


    I am building this new and I have never been able to get the CPU to go below 115c. I have followed the directions fully.


    1. I have confirmed that the bracket is properly configured for my socket type.

    2. Confirmed to add thermal paste and remove the cooler plastic cover as instructed

    3. Connected the 4 pins from the water pump to the 4pin CPU Fan connector labeled on the motherboard.

    4. Originally connected the 3 min water pump connector to PMW_Cnfg1 3 pin connect labeled on the motherboard

    5. Within BIOS and ASroch tune utility, I have set for Fan Auto detection based off CPU temps 


    CPU temps continue to climb up to 115c


    The second configuration was to

    1. Take the 3 pin water pump connector and move it to the closest 4 pin Chassis fan connector that was labeled Cha_Fan2/ WP

    2. Configure Cha_Fan2/WP to WP mode and PMW mode with fans set to max


    CPU temps continue to climb up to 115c


    My fear is that the everything will tend to burn out and short out if the CPU issue is not addressed any my 2k investment will be voided if not addressed. Please assist as it would be greatly appreciated.


    All the best!






  4. 3 months with broken fans, approved a month ago, still dont have the replacements!

    This is the worst customer service I have ever recieved.

  5. Hello, I was wondering if you could help me out on an issue my son is having, with his cooler master Devistator II.

  6. May I know How to test the Cooler master v1000 smps. I have checked for the green and black cable circuit but with this box, I got all the black cables ;)
    Any help will be appreciated.

    1. Mohd Noh

      Mohd Noh


      You can try read this : The Paperclip Test

      Hope this can help


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