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  1. Installed to the body. The last step. Plug and Play !!! Finish
  2. Next is the Backpack section. It is the part I redesigned to be able to install VGA. I started with the Light Saber set first. This part has to be very careful. If the screw is too strong A beam from Light Saber may come out and cut off your hand. Then came the installation of a jet engine. Everything is installed in the steel structure. Testing the LED that it works fine. After that take VGA Come
  3. The next part is the body. Which has no hardware, but must be installed In order not to turn my work into a headless. I used a magnet to install it to make it easier to service the LED. Test the light for once. To take a picture for the forum update and then mount it on the base. I made it separate. To make it easier to work
  4. Bring both shoulders and attach them to the body part. To install the main hardware built-in When the hardware is installed, I run the test once to make sure everything is fine.
  5. When the torso is completed, then the shoulder. At this point, I designed it to accommodate a 120 mm radiator. But the hardware that I installed, I only use AIO, so I installed just a fan for beauty. No need to add more radiator After that, the part of the door was attached together. I used 4 magnets on each side to hold.
  6. The next step is to assemble the front door. Let's try to make sure everything goes smoothly. And it can be completely articulated. Bring the acrylic sheet to heat bending. And fixed. There are four magnetic sockets at this point on the main structure. And now everything is fine.
  7. After that, the body shell was installed. This shell at the bottom Can slide down a little for open the Back I / O connector on the back of the motherboard. I'll show you in the video that I'll upload when it's finished.
  8. After that, the next step is to install the PSU in the designed location. And take the final gear set to install in the designed position. This group is magnetic and has a socket support. it can be easily removed in - out When replacing PSU or cable management.
  9. The next step is to complete the installation of the hydraulic model. All the shock absorbers I designed are separate and can slide a little.
  10. When everything is fine, install the front panel next. After that, put the rest of the light boxes to install and test to make sure everything is fine.
  11. Let's start assembling from the base section first. I started with the rear end that was a light box. After fixing everything together, LED lights were installed and tested.
  12. When finished pasting the decals. We spray every pieces with a semi-matte lacquer. Now it's ready. For bringing all the piece to assemble
  13. The next step is the decal part. It is very difficult to get out of the house. And in my province don't have a water decal making shop. So I used a regular sticker and cut it with my machine. It is very difficult to paste because the letters are extremely small. But it's not my problem. I just cut it and send to my friend to paste it.
  14. Use the airbrush for shading to create shallow-depth that will make every pieces stand out more. Some points that need light to illuminate from the inside. With shapes that cannot be created with acrylic. We build them with resin print. Then coated with candy tone color The metal shad group was successfully painted.
  15. After doing the main color, the next step is draw lines. We're draw lines by hand on every piece. Some points that cannot be dragged through Use the brush Dip the paint to let the paint flow along the groove.
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