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  1. Finish! ----------- Hello. I'm Peter Bartos I live in Hungary, and I’m a tire technician. I’ve started building computers as a hobby 15 years ago. This is my first CMWS entry. Baby Project 2020 I’ve been asked by Cooler Master Hungary to customize a H100 case. They are supporting my hobby for many years now, so I’m gladly accepted the task. I immediately contacted with my other permanent supporter, ASUS Hungary. They helped me in this job with a Mini-ITX motherboard and a GPU. Unfortunately, the card was about 15 cm longer than the case, so I had to do serio
  2. the installation of the pipes begins. 2 straight, 4 curved.
  3. At the top, the ornamental strip is also the rail of the plexiglass holder and at the bottom it is held by the 2 screws.
  4. Recycling is important. There are many parts that will one day be good for something. Cooler Master pump assembly, CM rear cover.
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