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Found 11 results

  1. INTRODUCTION My target was to create a small, quiet, powerful and beautiful computer for work and gaming. I decided to use the CoolerMaster NR200P case. The problem was that I wanted to use the glass window, place the RTX 3080 at the bottom, place the water cooling on top, make the case quiet and cold. It was impossible to do all this at the same time in the current version of the case. In the first attempt, I completely destroyed the case while modifying. Then I bought another new case and found this solution with a minimum of modifications.
  2. Hello, my name is Yuri, I am from Moscow. My job is building and customizing computers at ‘Man-Made’. I first got interested in computer hardware at the age of 12. This is my first modding contest. This computer is designed as a knights armor, plated with 24K-gold and leather. Naturally, completely water-cooled. I was designing the project, I was inspired by the knightly armor of the Middle Ages. But real armor doesn't have to be glossy; it protects the body in battles. But the inner filling must be powerful and glossy, cooled by the blood of a dragon! Case: Cooler Master
  3. My name is Nick Van Guth AKA Termuda Square, I was one of last years apprentice league winners and I’m back for a second year.... but this time I’ve came more prepared then last year, as I’ve been planning in my mind and with cad modeling since the end of last years event. As well as a few things I will be unveiling later, but keeping private for now. One rule in modding I’ve always stuck to is remake it till it’s perfect, if it doesn’t look good from 1mm away it’s not worth showing. So this year my build will still be focused on details, but new details ! T
  4. Mod: Tower, Overclocked In short: A passively water cooled build in a small form factor case. Quick guide 1. Intro and basic project design. – 28-09-2020 2. Attaching hardware to its new bracket - 30-09-2020 3. Getting the (paint)job done - 11-10-2020 4. Sleeving the cables - 15-10-2020 5. Figuring out the loop(hole) - 25-10-2020 6. Technical background: The radiator - 6-12-2020 7. Taking the radiator for a spin (ish) - 24-12-2020 8. Finalizing, booting and test results Intro Hi boys and girls, a newcomer to the scene. I am very ex
  5. Here we gooooooo. I have a lot of plans for this case, but I want the pictures of the build process to do all the talking. :^) Plans right now are full loop water-cooling with a custom back panel to move some component mounts around. Specs so far: Ryzen 5 5600x G.Skill Trident Z 3600 CL16 16GB Gigabyte Aorus B550i Intel 665p 1TB NVMe SSD Corsair Hydro X Series XC7 Waterblock
  6. Hey, people. First, I just want to say thanks for taking a look at this worklog. I'm new to this competition as this will be my first year competing, but I do have a reasonable amount of experience as a boutique builder. Because of this, I believe, first and foremost, a system must be easy to work with and function focused. I like to make things that look good and work well too. Aesthetically, material choice and finish quality are very important to me. CM 2020 Cobalt Weald (aka Smurf's Got Wood) This mod is based on the greatest game to have ever existed. You
  7. Hi folks! I'm bugslunchbox, I live in Germany and this is my first time participating in the CoolerMaster Case Mod World Series. I'll be doing a SFF aluminum scratch build with watercooling. The name will make sense towards the end, in the painting phase, I hope. Before starting the design I set some targets for myself: - smallest dimensions possible (I ended up at 410x204x203mm, so that is just under 17l) - easy to build, without complicated tools (so no CNC) - both motherboard and GPU should be visible from one side - cool and quiet (there a
  8. Special thank you to my sponsors ASUS Republic Of Gamers EK WaterBlocks Cablemod ADATA AMD UK Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey Project Background During Lockdown, i got a little bored. Contacted Jack Daniel's UK and asked about a possible partnership on a new build. We spoke a little back and forth, they agreed to send out some empty bottles, bar matt, glasses and some other merch. I got to work on the design of the case + The Way it will loop. I think the main feature will be the JD bottle, pouring liquid into the tumbler in the centre front of the case. When
  9. Hello folks, This build will be powered by some of the high-end components on the market to make the build more powerful not just the look but what's inside the system too, basically my entry will be built on CM Cosmos C700P Black Edition where interior and Exterior will be having some modification but not totally renovation. The Concept will be simple with some color tone combination of Gold and Silver chromes and more. Hardware: ASUS ROG Crosshair Formula VIII Ryzen 9 3900x Asus ROG GTX 1080ti Platinum Poseidon Patriot Viper Steel 32gb 3200mhz NVME/SSD
  10. Greetings, The project is a dual atx system, one for general purposes and gaming and the other for work in 3d projects. As for now I´m finishing the 3d model before the fabrication stage, to make sure that will be no delays or big mistakes until the end of the project. Thanks.
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